Asrock C2550D4i: No Video Output

I bought the Asrock C2550D4i. I got the ipmi to work but for some reason no video shows on my monitor. The impi is not seeing any video from the motherboard either but everything is working fine. I have a keyboard, mouse, dvd drive, and hdd hooked up to the motherboard. The memory that I am using is a a kingston ddr3 1600 ecc memory (memory:

What could be the issue?

the post sequence on this board can take a while. it seems that when you turn it on the ipmi initializes then once thats okay, the system can boot up. have you left it on for several minutes? does it otherwise seem to boot up okay?

if you can, through in a PCIe graphics card, go into bios, and make sure the video card is not disabled in bios. I did htat once goofing around and it was hard to get it re-enabled without putting a graphics card in the system


Does it go to the bios immediately after the post sequence?

Sir I believe you have the wrong RAM.

Registered memory modules aka buffered are found more on multi-socket server boards. You want UDIMMs, which means Unbuffered DIMMs, which is the normal type of RAM everyone uses. The Asrock site is a bit confusing on this, saying ECC and UDIMMs are supported, but those are two different things and they probably meant ECC and Non-ECC UDIMMs are supported.

Send the RAM back and get the right stuff. Those sticks are unfortunately useless to you.

I have some regular desktop ddr 3 memory laying around would that work for now?


how long does it take to post?

for some reason the motherboard keeps rebooting. The power supply runs for like 2-3 secs then restarts.

regular desktop ram in the blue slots now? that stuff only in there?


Yup. Ram near the 24 pin. PSU keeps restarting.

I don't have one of these boards, but I can't imagine it taking any longer than a minute or two, and I really expect it to take only a few seconds.

Putting RDIMMs in the UDIMM slots shouldn't have caused any damage. You can clear the CMOS to reset the BIOS by carefully using a coin or something to short the pads labeled CLRCMOS1, near the battery, at the corner of the nanya chip. It is the silkscreen circle with two big solder pads inside it. Here are the instructions from Asrock:

"Unplug the ATX power and remove the battery, use a metal material like
paper clip to short the CLRCMOS1 soldering points or CLRCMOS2 jumpers for 3
seconds. After that, install the battery and plug the ATX power back to the motherboard."


switch PSUs? this thing draws so little power.. we got a haswell i3 and were using an older power supply with it. The power supply would turn off after a few seconds because the haswell wasn't drawing enough power.

 p.s. yup, that's def. the wrong ram, you need unregistered ecc. 

I just added some pwm fans to the cpu fan headers and the psu stopped rebooting. Hopefully it posts now

the ipmi is still stuck at post... i think. i left it on for 10 min

Did you try clearing the cmos like I described above?

i could be wrong but i dont think there is a clear cmos headers on this motherboard. its not mentioned in the manual either. i think i'll try a lower wattage psu

It is in the manual and I see the pads on the product picture on the website. They aren't headers, just some solder pads like ) (

ohhhh. I see them. sorry

Heh yeah this guy:


I don't know why they decided a button would be too fancy...


If you have a lower wattage PSU still give that a go as well. I just wanted to eliminate any unknowns here by having you clear the cmos :)

alright. thank you. i am going to use a 225 watt psu.