Asrock boards

For starters sorry if this has been answered before. I did not see a search tool for the forums.


Are Asrock boards solid? I have my eye on an Asrock fatality board

I am looking for a good Solid board. I like the idea of sabertooth boards but is military grade really worth the extra money =)

Yup they are good, they are aimed and are best for low end but they do do a few high end boards I think, but every model should be treated differently. For example, a H or B series board (some exceptions) would be very bad for overclocking simply because it's locked on those motherboards where as Z ones are good. 

their newer high end boards are much better than they were a couple years ago ... but ... some of us have long memories and it takes time to build back trust ounce it is betrayed. 

That being said Beheeemoth is right for the most part ... but even some of their z series boards have vram overheat problems.

And that Fatality board does look good on paper ... I would prefer an Intel NIC and better (isolated) onboard sound ... but that is my wants ... not yours

as a side note the Z97 killer does not support sli.

But i wanne know about which cpu you are looking at, and what is your goal with the system? Do you wanne overclock and what not.

Because if you are an overclocker, and you want stable an reliable overclocking, then its better to look at a better board, with a better Vreg design.

I have had mixed expeiences with AsRock.  My FM2A85X Extreme 6 has been running like a champ for 2 years.  I had a Micro-ATX FM2A75-ITX R2.0 and it failed 3 times in 9 months.  One of the times it was 2 weeks after getting a new one.  After the 3rd time they finally sent me a different one.

My Z77 Extreme3 Asrock board has been running my 3570k overclocked to 4.4 Ghz perfectly for almost 2 years now.

Only Asrock board I ever had was for my APU build. It was the FM2A75 Pro-4M. For gaming off the APU it worked fine. And the board was well supported. But I have no idea what was going on with Discrete GPU's and that board. I had to be a bad implantation of the firmware or something. APU with a GPU just ran horrible on that board. I tried other boards. No issues.

Other than that APU board I have never used Asrock stuff. 

well basicly with motherboards, you just get what you pay for.

in the price ranges most boards are very equaly, offcourse some use a littlebit better components then others, but then you somethimes have to miss some feutures.

Basicly there is nothing wrong with Asrock as far as theire New intel boards go. Its just depends on what kind of user you are. and what you ask from your board.

Back to main question,

is a more higherend board like Asus Sabertooth mark1 or Maximus 7 hero worth it over a cheaper "lower class" board?

- If you are an diehard overclocker then yes its worth it.

- If gaming is your main concern, then no it wont probably be worth it then.

ASRock has been upping their game in the last couple years.  I think they are the third-largest seller of motherboards, after ASUS and Gigabyte.  They were a spin-off of ASUS, actually, and I think that they try to make more affordable products.

I, personally, have not had any experience with them, although I may be doing a build using them soon.  I know they've won some awards/recommendations on Tom's Hardware, and the A88X Extreme 6+ is in the top 5 best overclocks for CPU-Z.  So, they certainly aren't wretchedly terrible, but you'll always hear about people having some bad experiences.

I'm a fan of the H97 and Z97 ASRock boards... make sure you get one that has m.2... just stay way, way the hell, far away from them if you're building a AM3+ based system...

I have used them in extreme budget systems like HTPCs and such and they work out well ... but I have also had issues with older models that could not OC because of poor power delivery  ... which soured me for recommending them as daily drivers ... I would like to see them prove themselves to be dependable. But like I said before ... it will take time and proof.

Yep.  ASRock was created to be a budget alternative for ASUS, but they've grown to become quite strong even in the higher-end motherboards.  ASUS and ASRock are sister companies.

I have a  Z77 Extreme3 in my main machine for about 2 years now, have a 3770k pushing 4.5ghz with no issues

I was planning on the i7-4790k I need to upgrade my desktop and get away from Laptops and consoles hehe. I am wanting to start gaming on my PC again. I also do Visual studio, Maya, and Photoshop. that i the extent of what I want to do with it. My complete build I am wanting to do is the i7 16gigs of 2400 ram and I am still undecided if I want to do r9 290x or the GTX 970 I made a post in other hardware about monitors. I wanted to set up 3 monitors to get under my wifes skin. She is always complaining because I have my desktop macbook pro and my work laptop up and going all the time at my desk. So I figured I could eliminate the 2 laptops and put 3 Big Monitors up and together. I do my Visual studio on desktop and maya and photoshop on my macbook. I was wanting to stay around 1600 bucks for the desktop The PS i have is the cooler master extreme power plus

but I am planing on using that 1000watt EVGA superNova. if I have to buy another PS. looks nice and wouldnt have to upgrade for a while. I have had the Cooler master since 2012 not sure how long they last. I run my desktop 24/7 it goes into sleep at night but its always on.


Oh yeah I forgot to add about Overclocking.

I don't plan on extreme overclocking but I want the option to overclock if I want. I really just want an extremely stable comp with minimum hiccups. Thats why i was thinking about the sabertooth board.

I own an ASRock C216 WS and it's worked plenty fine for me.

I have an Asrcok z87 extreme6. It works wonderfully. Overclocks like a dream. (5.0GHz on my 4670k)

what kind of Cooler do you use?

Well I did use a dark knight, got 4.8, using water, I can get 5.

Just to be clear  ... this is not a constant OC ... just occasional ... correct?