ASRock AB350 M-ITX Fatal1ty Motherboard: Reports 115C temps when everything else is fine


I have no idea why this is happening. The heatsink for the South Bridge is hot enough to burn me, but not immediately upon contact. That’s usually my “greater than 100C” test.

I’m not sure why this is happening…

My X370 variant of the same board says the same thing, and I believe on the same sensors too.

Nothing has broken yet though, so I’m hoping it’s just faulty sensors or something simple like that.

yeah, I think the issue is that the Samsung 960 EVO I have gets warm on its own. This being in the same area as the South Bridge heatsink and the PCI-e slot for the GPU means lots of heat in the same area. I think it should be like 60-70C tops, but 115C would burn me instantly on contact, so I doubt it’s that.

I am worried I have a defective motherboard though and this would bother me.

Probably is.

Half of these sensors change labels or disappear when I update HWMonitor. Half of them always report the same value too lol (X99-A from Asus BTW)


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Found this and that makes me feel better. 50-70C is more acceptable. Just wish I didn’t have to worry. :frowning:

It’s normal for software like this to find a few sensors that the chipset supports but are not hooked up to any physical temperature probes. Software has no way to verify whether or not that’s the case so it displays any readings that it can find. Right-click and choose to Hide any irrelevant line.