Asrock 990fx extreme4 thoughts

is this a good mobo?

anyone had this board?

what's overclocking like on this board

Wish I had bought that board instead of the 970 extreme4. The 970 has a 4+1 power phase, and the 990 has an 8+2 power phase, which means it's a lot better for overclocking.

I'd go with it. ASRock makes good stuff.

I'm running the extreme4 990fx with an FX-8350. I got the board because it was a better value than the asus and gigabyte and had uefi bios. It has nice features for OCing like load-line calibration and asrock seems to release bios updates fairly often, which is nice. I've OCed to 4.8ghz stabily, I can run my chip at 5.1ghz fine, but for some reason it won't stand up to a prime95 test. 

The only things I don't really like are that the front panel audio connector is located in a difficult to reach spot on the board. Also, it has two old style PCI slots for some reason.

If the extreme9 was out when I got this I would have probably go that instead, but otherwise it is a nice motherboard.

Let me know if you've got any more questions about it.

My friend has one, UEFI looks nice, it overclocks well, and it's a well made board. I'd go for it.

thanks everybody... i am going with this board.

other reviews on the internet have been good but it is nice to get an opinion from people who use it every day