ASRock 970 Extreme4 Mobo

Selling this because I want to upgrade to a board with a better power phase. I'm going to overclock and I need some headroom.

Make me a DECENT offer for it. And for anyone who was wondering, this card will actually SLI/xfire two cards in x8.

I live in the US, I have a Logitech G510 up for trade or I could pay $70.

$70 is a little low, sorry. Id take 85 though

how is that to low you can get it brand for $88

also just want to say a fair price would be about 50 dollers I mean it is used. new and used are two different things just want to say that. Pfannyyy just buy a new mobo 

Your comment is of zero use and is considered spam. 


And as a matter of fact, the motherboard is brand new. It has been used for less than a week. I still have all the original packaging. 


This is buy/sell/trade. If you don't have an offer to make, stay out of the thread. 

I would pay 85, if that included shipping...

Ill take 85 shipped for it. Do you have paypal?

how is one week used new. never went to the store and bought a half eaten apple because it only half eatin still new right in your books atleast  . did not know that somting thats open  it's still new

Computer parts are not food.

I am not going to pay a few dollars under retail price for a used product. I will end up paying $15 or so more to get the guarentee that the product will work, and possibly get warranty and what not. I am sorry but $3 is not a significant difference, you need to adjust the price of whatever you are selling to what it goes for on the market, not for what you paid for it.


You just said you would pay 85 including shipping...? lol.

And it's still under warranty. Duh. Like I said, it's brand new. I've used it for LESS than a week, and I even upgraded the bios and I can say it's fully functional. Obviously it's under warranty as I've made zero modifications to it and it was just purchased.

Also, this board is 100 dollars new. PCPartpicker has the cheapest price for it being amazong for 87.99. Here's a link to amazon's website for the product-

You're getting like, at least 15 dollars off. That is a pretty good difference, considering I've been using the board for less than a week, I have all the packaging and extras, I've had zero problems with the board, and I even upgraded the bios FOR you.


Bump. have original receipt/paperwork/packaging for it. It's up to 100 dollars online everywhere now.

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