ASrock 970 Extreme 4 & FX 6350 Heat Issues

Hello, I am having an issue with my current setup and while scoring the web and youtube I ran across a video of applying thermal paste from here and decided to give it a shot. I have asked others and can't seem to either get a straight answer or the answer is 2 sided. I built this PC and I have no idea what the deal is with the temps. ON idle under BIOS's hardware monitor its showing the CPU @ 48 to 50c. This is on a Hyper 212 Evo with 2 Coolermaster Sickle flows. With the stock fan it would still run a little hotter but not by much. I have tried the paste that came with the cooler plus AC5, I Have also reseated and repasted this thing numerous times with numerous spreading methods and the temps all avg around the same. After booting up to 8.1 it still idles at 48c and under 100% with Prime it goes past 65c as to where i will stop the test. I guess my question has several parts to it as i know its pretty much not user error but hardware and settings related. One, what temps should I be keeping an eye on? Some say Core temp others say CPU temp. I have also heard turning off certian settings will cool it down along with undervolting. What settings should I be looking to shut off or disabling to cool this sucker down? Keep in mind this is all stock settings, I don't over clock or mess with the BIOS in any PC really unless Im changing the Drive settings like IDE to ACHI or whatever. Any help or push in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. I have listed my full build to help out. Thanks in advance.

ASRock 970 Extreme 4

AMD FX-6350 Hyper 212 Evo Stock CM paste (for now)

2 GTX 460s SLI no over clocking here either

8 gigs Corsair DDR3 1600

Crucial M500 240gig

WD Blue 1 Tera storage

Kingwin EM 700 PSU

COrsair 230 T Stock front dual 120s stock rear 120 added 2 CM sickleflows to top

Better fans would be a good place to start. Static pressure rated fans on the cpu cooler. Cougar vortexes PWM ,Corsair SP fans ,Noctua just to name a few. Plus i would make sure to have more fans intaking than exhausting. Fans have different ratings AF which is airflow fans are mostly used for case fans SP rated fans are design mostly cpu coolers and radiators. I like to use sp fans in places like the front of case or in anyplace airflow is restricted in someway.

Fans have no bearing on this really, even the stock AMD POS should be able to beat those temps depending on ambient. He has plenty of airflow in the case, It's either a low bin chip or possibly a fight between the old ass 970 chipset and his new 6350

I was thinking about removing the 2 top fans all together and adding the Corsairs to the front. But I kinda need to hold off on that incase Im going to be purchasing a new motherboard. Now the fans on the cooler now the sickleflows are both running at 2k RPMS pushing out about 79 CFM I beleive. thats not enough for the 212? Maybe I should just purchase another cooler? Heck I dont know. Im bout done with Asrock...this is the second build with their motherboards I have had some kind of issue and their tech support sucks. Thanks again for your help.

I keep the house at about 72 and my PC rooms stays at 75, about 24c..Its a smaller room I can keep the kids and ole lady out of and with other electronics its a few notches warmer. 

Its not about cfm its about SP rating. Malign has a point it is a old chipset on a cheaper board with sli. Really it  should idle about mid 20s . I try a decent sp fan on the cpu cooler. What kind of loads is your system under at idle. Plus malware can produce similiar results.


Thanks for the fan tip...Its not malware, its a problem with the board overvolting. 

set the voltage manually to the stock voltage and run aida64 for 8 hours. if it fails you got a bad cpu and try to mail amd so you get a new one. i had this aswell with my i7 4770k which was running over 1.2V on stock clock but the stock voltage is 1.059V. i got a new one which is now 4.5ghz on 1.2V:)


I've got the same board and an 8350 with no heat issues.  Although, I am using a Corsair H110 :)

wrong thermal paste job?