ASRock 970 Extreme 3 R2 No post... Suddenly 3 beeps?

So when I first got everything setup correctly the computer would turn on but nothing else. The fans would spins, and that was it. No post, no beeps, no display. Nothing.

So I decided to flip the CMOS Jumper while the PC was still running. I have a feeling that was a horrible idea. Anyways I do that and then accidentally leave it in the clear CMOS thing forever. I notice and correct the issue. Well I I decide to take the memory out and see what happens. I boot it up. 3 long beeps.

I turn the PC off. I decide to put the memory back in. Another 3 long beeps and no display. I try putting only 1 card in. 3 Beeps. I switch them. 3 Beeps. I try them in different slots. 3 beeps. So what should I do?

I have tried removing everything but the CPU. PC starts up, no display as it isn't plugged in and no beep.

I try just leaving the CPU and GPU plugged in. No beeps no display.

I turn on the PC with everything unplugged. No Beeps, no display ofcourse.

So I then decide to plug the everything back in. 3 beeps, no display, fans running.

CPU has been hot during all of this.

Everything is plugged in correctly.


Everything has been plugged in correctly. Some plugs were loose during the first no beeps but I fixed that and the beeps came

I have an FX-8320, Mushkin Stealth RAM 8GB 2 4GB sticks 1600Mhz, Radeon 7770,

The 3 long beeps is the motherboards way of saying "no memory", if your RAM or ram slots were damaged it would leave no beeps at all. I'd say your BIOS has been damaged and needs to be reinstalled. But first, unpower the PC and remove the circular battery that is located on your motherboard and leave it unpowered for a 20ish seconds. That will ensure a reset of CMOS. If your problem persists keep going with the BIOS installation.

You'll find the tools you need here where an "instant flash" bios probably suits you best. You'll need a USB device with the format FAT32 or an HDD with FAT32 or a floppy disk, USB is the easiest in my opinion ^^ make sure you click the "+" sign on "how to update" for more info.

If you're not familiar to formatting you must know that it removes ALL data on a drive. To to Start -> computer, then right click on the USB drive and select format. in the following window you select "file system" FAT32 and perform a "quick format" and carry on with the bios update.

If your problem still persists you may wanna contact ASRock customer support.

How do I flash it if I cant get it to post?

You'll need special equipment, i'd suggest you contact ASRock support either straight for RMA or try to solve it. In either case i suggest you don't mention you had the reset CMOS pushed in while running the PC ;D

its some meths wipe inside ram slot wait 2mins suck water or mositer. next copy bios on usb when setup and not add ufei64.exe on it incasenext if start fine

setup is install mb driver in order driver online no utilles but app charger and unlocker 3tb .AMD Catalyst Control Center dont unless running sli look up furter instruction. reseason outdate untily clash if know how overclock use it otherwise dont install.
12v cord issue depend on psu major is setting up window 7-8 during install sata driver first if dont work bios ide mode , secound ufei support 1.5 bios ok but issue locate online ufei64.exe copy to main hardrive fixed , next is compaitabley issue graphic card amd install onley driver no untily next AMD Catalyst Control Center 14.4.1 has working great because AHCI conflict with mb,

and check heatsink applie new gease