Asking for community assistance! Unfortunate circumstances

Hi guys, Beezleybuzz here, was more active back in the day and know I do have some friends here.

Some may be offended but what I'm about to ask, and that's alright. The shame that I have to try and fix this situation is too much to worry about comments from others. I'm trying my best to solve a problem.

That being said, 2 nights ago my boyfriends car essentially died... it has been on the way out for awhile, bought it cheeeep at auction when he moved out years ago. We don't have a lot of savings especially post Xmas. Ive able to squirrel together $1000 and am hopeful that with family and the community and some luck in hunting that we should be able to get him to work and home safely for 2000-3000 (CAD) Were up in Canada so in USD its more like 1500-2000 USD. anyhow, whatever help you guys can spare will make a huge help. I'm also putting out requests to any and all family I'm in touch with. Having a full time job that pays shit makes it tough when stuff like this happen. Cheers.


Ido have a R9 27X that I could trade for a donation if someone is interested?

Also we are both hard working, not lazy whatsoever... he just happens to work for a private care facility and barely makes enough money to be above the poverty line, at full time. Just some back story.

So you're a nurse and he's a Nursing Assistant?

Sounds like my wife and I before I went back to school. She was a Physical Therapist and I worked a a CNA (Nurses Assistant) working 3-11 at a Nursing Home while taking 20+ hour credit hours in college since I just lost my job. We barely made ends meet and didn't sometimes. Hard times.... I can completely relate. Let me see if I can help out a bit.

Nurses down here get paid pretty decently, as they should because that's a tough job. Shame yall don't get that up there.

Nurses and aides working in PUBLIC facilities make far better wages, almost double... its that breaking into one of those jobs in small communities is difficult to say the least. Thanks for the reply.

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To make make matters worse I had a diviticular attckk ishould be at by 10am PST

snf yet i was wrong...

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