Ask Us Anything! That's Right, It's L1 AMA time!

Hello, Amber here! :grin: Level1 is going to be doing an AMA-style video. It has been quite a while since our last.

Be as creative as you like! Please remember to keep your questions broad-er so we can answer them in a way to help/inform multiple viewers. Also…try to steer away from specific tech support for your setup LOL!

We will close this post once we stop taking answers!! So, if it is open, feel free to ask away.

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What are the team’s thoughts on the upward trend of power consumption in computer hardware? Would you rather see lower performance gains generation-over-generations to keep new components within the historical power limitations (250W/300W GPU, 95-125W CPU)? Or, do you view the leaps in power draw as a necessary evil to continue pushing performance as fab technology advances wane?


for a week

When will be the best/optimal time to get a new GPU now that prices slowly come down? Now? Q4 of 2022? Right around the time the next gen is shown by nvidia and AMD?

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Been watching L1 for almost 2 years now (mainly the news, but I also watch other videos when I have the time and interest) and I am still not quite sure what Level1Techs is.

  • You always mention work done for clients, is Level1Techs also a consulting firm?
  • How did you meet each other and for how long?
  • How big is the Level1Techs team? I know there is Amber, Ryan, Krista and Wendell, but I have the impression there is more people on the team (or maybe you just share an office).
  • And finally, is internet content (YouTube + Patreon + Twitch and more) the main income of Level1Techs? I ask this because you all rarely tell people to support you on Patreon or buy stuff at the Level1Store, giving the impression that you don’t care so much about the income generated through these channels (not complaining, I quite like this approach).

How many floors deep is Wendell’s tech labyrinth?



What progress is being made by the tech industry for consumers to get better access to virtualized graphics.

With vgpu enabled on in Linux with the vgpu unlock script and only supporting cards older than Turing because according to there discord Nvidia is using an SR-IOV approach. It doesn’t allow is to take advantage of newer Amper cards with higher memory.

HyperV does allow us to virtualize our GPUs in windows for free but it’s windows as a host and so far only windows guests are supported.

What would your opinion be for this type of a use case. Sorry if I’ve forgotten anything we should be able to go on for hours about this.

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When will Ryan upgrade from basketball shorts.

My advice for summer:

Coming from a place of caring.


Best non-technology item that you have ever had or currently own?


Is now a particularly good time to start hodl’ing bathroom cistern lids?


One Horse sized can of Orange Crush, or a horse sized pallet of regular cans?


What tech on or over the horizon are you exited about appearing in the consumer and/or business space?

Now that the bottom of the single-digit nanometer space is near, what’s next? Is Moore’s Law dead, does it need amending?

is 2023 finally going to be the “Year-of-Linux-on-the-Desktop”? :wink: (or: what’s the future of SaaS?)


What are your thoughts on the direction of tech particularly tech related to the space industry, space X’s starlink etc. Do you think they will be used for bad things or will they have a net good?

I know there are heated opinions about space particularly because a lot of people see it as rich people taking it all and taking all the tech to do it but I resoundingly disagree.


What obscure hardware/peripheral surprised you the most in terms of usability for your needs that wasn’t a CPU/GPU/Motherboard?


What are @kreestuh’s top 5 plants to survive an apocalypse on


What are Ryan’s top 5 alcoholic drinks/bottles/whiskeys and what not that he wants to have during an apocalypse?


Btw, just out of curiosity, what is the ETA of this


no idea :upside_down_face:


I have a maybe interesting idea. Something I have wondered about.

I know @wendell did a peice on the 5800x3d cpu and its game performance (I loved to see if from his technical perspective) with a 3090 and 3090ti…

My question is with cpus that have the x3d cache (because it seems there will be more possibly) will that amplify the value/performance of AMD GPUs that support both AMD Infinity Cache, AMD Smart Access Memory?

I dont remember seeing @wendell do a peice on either of these technologies (maybe they are just marketing or buzzwords not actual inovations) but it seems having a cpu and gpu from the same manufacturer may have a impact on the performance of your system (gaming wise at least).

Such as in my case I have a 3900xt which has 70MB already…30MB more on the X3D might help speeds, but would 5800x’s uplift in IPC be more effective? That’s still a step down in cache size to 30MB cache or so would that be a downgrade for gaming?

Also, with this… If this trend of on die cache increase’s continues, at what point would the amount of cache become gimmicky? (IE- not effective or excessive and not utilized)


@kreestuh are you planning a raised bed garden anytime soon?