Ask @Novasty Anything

is your avatar from hentai?

what is the most disgusting thing you have done or had to deal with?


I won’t answer this.

We’re discussing it.

As Leadership.

what is the happiest day or your life so far ? and why

I genuinely do not remember.

sad that would be a really sad feeling imo

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exposed as being weeb

How so? I thought this was self-explanatory.

Will you join the BSD challenge?


Will we finally drop our rivalry @Novasty?

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what is your favorite anime? why?

what is your favorite colour?

what school did you go to when you grew up?

what was your mothers maiden name?

do you like wine or beer? if not one of both why?

why did you chose the name Novasty

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FBI confirmed… Ban time… max tinfoil

You gotta do both if you do one

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Favorite movie franchise

welcome to how i was raised people get mad

Will you make a blog thread?

Pc or console

WIll the forum become less sensitive and SJW?

@Novasty is this how you plan to spend your time now that lounge is dead.

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