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Ask L1Techs Anything!


There are 0b11 kinds of people. Normies, and jerks who don’t prefix binary numbers with 0b.


You failed the normie test before it even began.


I’m trying to pretend not to be a jerk here.


Ooh, I got one.
Why isn’t there a podcast version of the show? I mean, i had to set up a script to convert new vids to .ogg.
Is this something that is on the roadmap, or is there a specific reason you don’t have it?


If you think you need to take a test you are probably a normie.


How did PGP get its name?
Also how did @kreestuh get her internet name?
How did @ryan get his grizzle internet name?
I remeber @ryan showing up as Grizzle from the fireside chat video on net neutraility

Speaking of fireside chat, are we going to get another series like that?


Looking around online i see mostly older information on multi display or dual display true load on the GPU while playing games. I see 1-3 FPS mentioned but is that the same when its not a static image. Whats the % hit for having streaming on second display for the primary load of the game. Does it have frame time penalty or memory costs. I’m very curious how it hits something like the 2070 at those higher rates.


Will any of you be going to the Knob Creek Machine Gun shoot in April?


Are there any plans to have the boiler snake host an advanced Python tutorial series? (zing!)

Also did Zim ever make it out of jail?


Can Wendell make Thread Ripper more flexible?

(I just had to ask) :wink:


Wendel told them to pick names when they started working with him on teksyn and so Ryan chose a handle and kreestuh… well she chose her name. …
its come up before.


Ryan: opinions on mini14 and mini30 10
/22 and the best wheel gun inyeropion. What was the most significant technological improvement to guns in last 100 years last 40 last 20. How long ago did grizzel from?

Wendell after what piece of software, line of code, command entered or hardware received did you say “ya, I’m the dude” (as in, I am now a pro/expert or I have hit my stride)

Krista what’s your l1t achievement you are most proud of? What would be a dream accomplishment?

Wendell: can we get a wendell signature unicomp board made, perfectly to your taste.

Ryan can you do absolute beginners bash class. Day one stuff, and really want to see you do some hardware reviews, or software.

Krista would you do a monthly one tab of 10 good pieces of design/art, or bad or a mix. Just the one tab and some notes, but a video would be great.

Just so you all know, wendell I used to monetarily help you with tek syndicate, things got tight with money at the end so I had to take you out of the budget. Things have gotten better and I am ready to start helping fund you guys monthly. I appreciate everything you guys do. Do reviews of everything you guys like to use, phones, mice, pencils, lights, you name it. Keep it up.


Nice idea


With lots of crass condescencion!


Ah, the thought brings back wonderful memories:

No, ZShell is best shell; no BASH!


Ahahaha! BASH, it’s so stupid!
So dumb!


If there’s still a chance for additional suggestions, I’d be curious if Wendell has played around with the NSA’s Ghidra yet.


@kreestuh has this been filmed and if so can I lock this? Your initial post said Feb 20


facts tho


Filmed and just out of editing I believe. So yes, can be locked. :slight_smile:

closed #122

That’s all for this AMA it will be back again I am sure