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Ask L1Techs Anything!


Would @ryan recommend a keyboard for me? It needs to have RGB.


oh, I like that one! :+1:


It could be anything really…

from a mistreated network switch that’s survived wars to a box you just had running in a corner somewhere doing ‘a thing’ that is so rock solid it has become known as ‘old faithful’.

Sometimes it’s hard decommissioning old tech as you know full well it had a lot more life left in it.


Are you (any of you) going to the LTT expo?


Have/Would any of you use Gentoo? Why or why not?


OG Sega Genesis.




what is your thought in afterlife and life outside of the solar system?

what do you think about the AI do you have any fear?

describe these words with a short phrase:

Death, Racism, Art, Joy, pleasure, Anime, America, Apple, Religion.

Thank you


Spork, Foon or Splayd?


Pfft, the Mega Drive was better.

I am still amazed America, land of excess and all thing ridiculous got a console called genesis where everywhere else it was the Mega Drive. It sounds so american.


pal sucked
ntsc ftw!


What’s your mother’s maiden name?

Name of your first pet?

What street did you grow up on?

Favourite colours?

Credit status…?


Oh I see.

We had higher resolution! Better looking games and still got to keep the 60hz although a few years later…


wendell yes krista no ryan maybe but i would guess no


Common security questions…

Very funny :smiley:


What kind of networking do you guys use in the office?

I’ve seen your video on getting 10Gb on the Netgear switch you guys had a few years ago. Still the same setup or are you planning anything in the future?


Are there anymore storage builds/upgrades up coming?

And did you, for the love of baby jesus, ever find out from bitwit kyle if the 32GB dimms worked for him in that ryzen storage system you helped him with , wendell?


What is Level1 definition of normie? Can you create a Level1 normie test?

Probably I might be in the normie category.


PTSD flashback


A normie test would be awesome.