Asian rapper anyone?

this guys is pretty cool. pretty aggressive rhymes. former battle mc dumbfounded, now parker

I listen to him and Wax almost daily, they're awesome! He's still typically called DFD or dumbfounded for the most part. Nice to see someone else who doesn't just listen to that retarded Gucci rap haha

that's a first, rapping and playing an instrument.

He's talented, him and his twin brother grew up as a rock group together.

........JIN, one of the best freestyle rappers ever

yeah, but then he went no where after.

Yep, but a lot of that is down to Ruff Ryders fucking him around on this first album, delaying the album over a year, and Roc-A-Fella Records blocking his single with Kanye West.......not surprised he quit after getting messed around so much.  

Want to see someone do something with this.


lol, the asian struggle. notice how fuckin racist the other dude in red was? never in a million years could jin bust the same time of  racism on that dude lol. good thing he didnt have too. that other guy sucked.

also, battle rapping is alot like trolling

Anarekist, DFD wrecks people, this is actually extremely funny

rofl, that shit was hilarious

You guys watch Don't Flop? It's how the Brits do it!

lol, so hard.

i dont like how ganster these dudes are but that's hip hop for ya.

Cool Calm Pete...'nuff said

My favorite Hip Hop Artist ever, but the man is a ghost