As to the flexibility of formats for Zweihander. And other topics. [For Logan]

   Sorry if my header is a bit misleading. I was curious as to the "how-to's" of acquiring a FLAC version of Zweihander (I got the second album in FLAC when I originally checked it out.) Would you send me a special link if I gave you proof of purchase? But this is tripe.

  On to something, perhaps more important, a friend of mine is a talented musician, and is largely self-taught, consequently he is also very comfortable around the computer and is aspiring to become a programmer. My point being that he wished to create audio on the computer for the purpose of creating "retro-style" 8-bit tracks. (Or at least they sound 8-bit) I would like to give him suggestions as to appropriate software, preferably software that gave him as much control and flexibility as possible, regardless of the learning curve (he is a hard worker). I have no idea how intensive it is to create audio, but lets assume that my friend has a low end rig, and please specify what hardware is most appropriate for audio creation (from the rig, to accessories). 

Guild Wars 2 had a cool retro themed awesome april fools update called Super Adventure Box. It had similarly retro/8bit styled music. They made a blog post on how they made the music which might be of some help. Although since Logan actually makes that style of music I'm sure he'd be a much more vast resource of knowledge.

Thank you very much for this link, I'll be sure to look it over. (And thank you for the suggestion to include Logan, completely slipped my mind when I created this thread regardless of the point of creating this topic in the first place).