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(as soon as it's usable) HDR and Wide Color Gamut in Linux video?


So Windows 10 still has an advantage in being the only OS able to send HDR metadata over DisplayPort and HDMI on select GPUs…

Question is, when is this going to be reality on Linux? If there’s even bleeding edge code to take advantage of it, I want to see early progress on it on the Linux channel, (like early Freesync 2 HDR demos on bleeding edge kernels) cause going forward, that will become another thing that is going to be something stopping people from going fully Linux. (Netflix 4K HDR is a pipe dream at this point on Linux, not unless Mesa can make a secure encrypted path with Intel iGPUs, since they’re adding HDCP support.)

Intel iGPU, Freesync 2 HDR and speculation on Nvidia can be things to talk about.


HDR is not even a set in stone standard yet. And most implementations are crap on the monitor side anyway. Don’t worry about it.


The monitor side is using SMPTE standards for HDR metadata though. (PQ, or ST-2084) That’s the critical part.

The other part of how each monitor implements it isn’t to do with Linux than how the monitor handles the signal.

This is more for if/how/when Linux can output this metadata.

Edit: Here’s an interesting PDF PowerPoint presentation from NVIDIA on implementing it in Xserver from the X developers conference:


OK, so it is a specific standard. That is a legit question of course.
I just don’t see a reason to worry about it yet. But that is just my opinion on HDR as a whole.
Good luck. :+1:


The signal standards are now here. Japan just started 8K Satellite broadcast with HDR and WCG.

It is unfortunate though that DisplayPort bandwidth is making things less ideal for computer monitors and HDR. The dreaded chroma subsampling issue rears it’s head at the high refresh rates gamers require.

But yeah, I would be very interested to know early developments on outputting PQ metadata with Linux display drivers.


I am curious about this too. (will be watching this thread)

My preliminary web search was not that successful. :thinking:


The standard is ST 2084 or PQ. Combine those terms with Linux and you’ll get the PDF I linked earlier in the thread relating to how Xserver should do HDR, by an NVIDIA dev.


Thanks for the keywords! :slightly_smiling_face: I already looked at the pdf you’ve linked, just wanted to look up the overall state of HDR on linux and was not able to find a whole lot that’s recent.


It’s really just future development guidelines and white papers. No real implementation yet, but that could change once the Kernel packs in Freesync 2 HDR support, and Mesa gets updated.