As a Linux noob, I felt amazing to find out I can use docker for my applications. Have you tried Docker?


So for a few months I have been using CentOS 7 to run my hpc applications as a learning exercise due to covid (learning new software and validating many cases). I wanted to use CentOS 7 as a daily OS but I realized it might be harder because I needed to have work arounds for some of the OpenSource applications that require newer dependencies. I found out about docker/moby/podman and decided to use it for applications i need centos for.

And here we are, native performance of all my commercial software running in a systemd enabled CentOS7 environment running on the latest Fedora 33 distro.

Has anyone here used containers for something similar?

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Well what you are doing is not that uncommon in enterprise. Perhaps with better planning :slight_smile:

Containers were developed not for security through isolation, but for the advantages of Compartmentalization. It is a big word for thinking in small boxes. The final outcome is what you might know as Kubernetes.

But to be a bit strict: Containers are for building upon a layer, not for digging under it. VM is much better for that. Going from Fedora to Centos is digging down. Like hooking a Ferrari with a camping gear.

Yeah singulairty containers for these type of hpc applications is big, unfortunately idk how to use singulairty. This method isn’t what’s normal, but I get native performance for the few commercial supported apps that fail to run on newer distros with newer kernal. A vm would have noticible overhead for when I actually run the simulation as it hits both cpu and memory hard.

On my local computer, I run/test most of my development either in docker containers & docker swarms or virtual machines. It depends on the task & project, though. I much prefer containers, but sometimes you need to fiddle with the OS too much; that’s when VMs become very handy.

My favourite thing about docker is that I can run multiple databases without much overhead on a single machine. I can also install them and modify the containers on a whim, it’s a huge advantage to not have to install each stupid service manually.

The only limit I have is the 64 gigs of ram on my local machine. And with the R9 5900X’s 24 threads these things are running at impressive warp 9. :slight_smile:

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