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Armchair Game Design Discussion thread

You talking about the base game or the BR mode? because they both use different systems when it comes to micros BR is skin only. Base games uses loot boxes to gain loot.

BR is the most popular, so BR is the defining mode.

Super relevant, really good read:

one of the only AAA dev houses that admit to knowing monetization can compromise gameplay

Who is so strong minded they don´t realize taking away and selling back previously included features compromizes gameplay?

it’s not a matter of knowing it

it’s a matter of admitting it

“it’s to add player choice” vs “our game revolves around looting, and monetizing that totally devalues the experience, so we aren’t”

That is the marketing department.

That decision is probably with the publisher, not with the studio.

nope. the guy in the interview is the chief designer, japanese game dev control works a bit differently than how ubisoft, acti/blizzard, and EA operate. Also, capcom is its own publisher.