Arma 3 is not running like it should

In short:

Arma 3 utilizes, at best, 60% of each core on my cpu, and less than half my video cards.

I'm running a 2600k i7 and 2 GTX 580's. Each are OC'd mildly (4.0ghz and 800hrz respectively).

Regardless what I do, my performance is between 20 and 30 fps (sometimes dips to 15 if there's a lot going on). I've tried setting the resolution to 800x600, and still very shallow frames.

I've looked around for fixes, and the best answers I can get are "its the alpha of course its unoptimized" but this is taking unoptimization to a ridiculous level.

I'm completely stumped.

And before it's suggested: I have no change or problem in any other game. Everything else runs like butter, even non-gaming stuff. Arma 3 is the only problem child on my many TB's of harddrive.


Anyone come across this, anyone able to reccomend a course of action?

Update drivers?

Even if I hadn't tried this, outdated drivers wouldn't lead to these kinds of issues.

Update: I was mistaken about the GPU's. For some reason my monitoring stuff stopped functioning properly, re-install fixed it. I'm still left with abysmal performance with no fix in sight, though.

well, the other people were right, so unless you have the source code, and are competent enough to go fix it yourself, youre stuck,,,,its an Alpha, it works horribly on alot of high end systems.

this problem has been recognised by BIS, and they've assingned people to work on nothing to do:

I feared as much.

At least they're working on it, I guess.

This kind of thing isn't that uncommon, even after the final games are released. When Far Cry 3 first came out it ran like ass on my rig, an update of the game version and driver version later though... runs like a dream.

I've never had this problem before. I've never came across a game that's been so poor on optimization that it runs at the same frames regardless of video settings.

I even had a similar issue with Fallout New Vegas. When I first got the game it ran like absolute garbage, though that did scale with changes in resolution. A few patches later though and I could run it on high without any troubles.

An interesting one thought was Black Ops. I was NEVER able to get that to work at acceptable frames on my old rig (Phenom II x2 555BE @3.6Ghz, GTX 560Ti, 4Gb 1333), despite the fact that far nicer looking games always seemed to work fine. Not a big COD fan so I wasn't that bothered, but it does highlight how optimisation can impact things.

Yeah, I'm having the same problem. My 7970 (At mid settings) goes around 50-20 fps. However, this guy, with 1 oc 7970 can run it at 60 at very high, on 3 monitors. What gives? I have the latest beta drivers.