Arma 3: Any Single-Player Scenario Recommendations?

I'm wondering if you guys have any short scenario recommendations in ARMA 3. I've created some of my own and had fun with them, but I'm wondering if there are any player created ones that you guys have tried and would recommend?


(I'm not looking for atlis life, wasteland, battle royale, or that sort of thing)


I'm open to more casual co-op against AI but don't have friends with the game.


Ill be your friend. ^_^

I like to play Invade and Annex which CAN be a SP game but is most commonly a COOP MP game. For SP look at the Tomb series.

RHS Escalation is great, but isn't much a scenerio as it is a massive addon of new forces/vehicles/weapons. All Out Warfare is quite fun, and Dynamic Universal Warfare is also quite fun. Escape Altis is a port of Escape Chernarus with updated AI. The Wolfpack series is great for more hardcore simulation, and can be done solo but as the name suggests it is better to have some friends. All of those are single player and multiplayer enabled.

Couple friends and I have created an 8GB+ modpack just for Arma 3 multiplayer, and will often create scenerios in DUW/AOW such as CQC, air attack, and armor attack missions with varying objectives. You can totally join us if you like, always good to have more people playing. (On a good day we can get 4 people on... Most of the time it's 2-3.)

Thanks guys. My internet (ISP is Charter) has been taking a dump recently with spikes, and I'm moving soon, so don't want to bother yelling at them, so I'm not sure about online play (co-op) yet.


Feel free to add me:

Or search for Kadesh, picture of a tarantula.

I started with the Tomb Series, look forward to trying the others as well.

The titan AT doesn't have a lock on does it?

Also not sure how to get to the check point, maybe it was above ground. Died to the first MG on my first attempt, 2nd attempt I got to the big ramp, killed a sniper but I think the Tank got me (sounded like a MG). Definitely fun so far. Also teaching me stuff I didn't have in my own little scenarios I was making (like dealing with tanks).

Titan AT should have lock-on with line of sight. Standard key is 'T' for lock on.