Arm chip based NES-PS2?

Looking into the idea i might start with a r-pi model b but to get the gpu for a ps2 like output i need more.... power....



the arm softwear exists for nes, n64, snes, dream cast, gameboy-gba, play station and ps2 but i would like to build a clean select menu. like you could flip through the console list and select the game and boot the console and game all on a arm based linux distro and keep the price bellow 300$ for the whole project this is more as a proof of concept then a product as of now

Sounds interesting, I shall watch this space.

get sued by nintendo and sony.

good luck finding an arm CPU that can emulate PS2

Do want.

i don't think there is anything on the market that powerful, considering i have an a8-3520m that still struggles on some ps2 games, last i checked arm can't even touch an intel atom yet and that's an underclocked phenom2 x4, and even a tegra 4 the best mobile apu maxes out at 72 graphics cores when even 400 core apu struggles

yes i'm sure a custom operating system would help, but that's still a mighty large gap