Arktivus Brevon (Of Freedom Planet) Needs A New Computer

Any of you guys know the popular indie game Freedom Planet?

Well the voice actor who voices the main bad guy, Arktivus Brevon needed a new computer. Hes a close friend of mine so one day we talked and laid out some plans of what parts he would need. Today we put those parts together. Here is the end result.

With PCPartPicker:
(LED strips from Lowe's, meant for wall decoration)

I also tough him along the way and had him do most of the building. Here's to you Lord Brevon!
(Not sure if he wants me to use his real name even though I think its on the FP site)

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Solid build. Why the massive cpu though? What is it that he is doing that is so cpu intensive, if I might ask.

He's a voice actor. A lot of audio editing/mixing, He also wants to start streaming. I can't imagine he wouldn't want to start dabling in video editing too "Protools, heavy multitasking, editing, etc." his words

In action! (forgot to post these)

"Sorry, page not available."

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