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Aremis Uses Windows 10

To linux enthusiasts who enter my thread

I am also a linux user. This is a fun thread, not a ‘windoms user that needs to be set straight’. I know you love your distro, but this is just a ‘watch the guy who knows linux backwards and forwards break windows a lot’ thread. A help thread, if you will.

tldr, I like linux already, go away with your um aktchually bullshit

Trust me I’m as scared as you are.

So, recently I decided to break and put windows 10 on my MSI, mostly because I wanted to use the 1060 for something. I’ve been hearing good things on the security side, and I can add apps to take care of… most… of the problems I have with windows. Apparently a lot of stuff has gone into the DE to actually make it not hot garbage, but to be honest all the stuff they added pretty much just looks like folders to me.

The folder structure is still ass, so I’ll be looking into that. But other than shitty design crap that I’m concerned about, what the hell am I doing?

Youtube and twitch. Thats honestly it. I’m tired of the little bugs here and there that I’ve been used to with YT and twitch, but I want my quality to go up. I’ll probably lose some quality with games, and I can accept that for now since I plan to have a new build here soon, but to be honest its not like I play brand new titles.

“Why not dual boot?”

Meh. I want one system per machine. I’d rather have separate machines than VM’s or dual booting. Not worth my time.

So anyways, I’ll plop my adventures in this thread every once in a while. On my laptop I’ve been enjoying the “Game Bar” tool for quick clip recordings for funny meme videos I want to make, so I can see that being useful. It used to just be an annoying pile of crap, where now playing with it its actually got some features I like (last I used it it was a screenshot button and a record button in an oversized box, where now theres ACTUALLY FEATURES!!! OOOO:::: Certainly other people know all these features, but in the last… ohhhh, ten years, the only windows I used that I even like was 8, and the only reason was that it had a lot of potential, but was never exploited for that potential. Now, it seems like the potential features 8 could have had that I came up with seem to be going into 10. I’ve used 10, but only for about a month at a time before it drove me nuts and I went back to linux.

I’ll also toss questions in here as windows does things I just don’t understand. I currently have a shortlist of them, being:

Is security thats built in at all improved
can I delete the documents / built in folder structure and make my own without the system screaming bloody murder yet?
is there anything that I can replace the default DE with besides rainmeter if I still hate the DE?
ATM I’m using midnight commander on my laptop, but is there a file manager similar to thunar out there?
Is it possible to use WSL for linux apps?
Is WSL actually useful for anything other than half assed development?
Is there a package manager? Can I get one?

Theres other qustions I could ask, like is there colorblind settings yet, but thats easy enough to google. Of course if I can’t find anything, I’ll be asking some simple shit later on (please dun yel et mea :{ ).



Don’t be, it’s just MS distro upon the NT kernel… doesn’t matter.

I don’t understand shit about windoes and would love to learn more also.

Yes. To all of them.

Chocolatey as package manager, but not as efficient as apt, dnf or pacman and the sort.

See the other thread:

You’ll be surprised.

I’ll summon @AdminDev to help you out. He’s my W10 tech guru.

Good luck. To both of us.

People are dramatizing too much with these Windows …

The system like any other. It has both advantages and disadvantages. Only some of them want to make something of it that is not and then complain. Windows should be treated more or less as it is and not approach it as I will change everything as in linux … Then the frustration begins. :wink:

Personally, I would start with a firewall. Even the disliked “comodo firewall”, I like and use.
Antivirus, why not … Maybe Avast.
Then O&O ShutUp10.


Welcome to the dark side, where productivity is king and compatibility is your mate.


That and open shell

Really most of what you might need.

My requisites include equalizer APO and Peace to control it but thats only if you just absolutely have to tweak the hell out of the audio.

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You can move my documents to another drive but I think there was an issue with quarterly updates deleting and recreating the folder on the OS partition. So proceed with caution.

Just run windows on a dedicated PC and use that constant running updated windows install to run as a VM on any other Linux machine. That way it’s all separated and the VM is only being used to access the the windows installation.

I think you mean where compatibility is a lie and the points don’t matter.

Well nhats fucking stupid

I’m lazy, no.

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Don’t be so salty about windoes.

It’s not like cortana would pop out of your computer and murder you in your sleep.


And I’m not even MS advocate. I just don’t care.

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Its not even that, I don’t like it and don’tbreally know how to use it anymore. Lol.

Not true. The issue was, that people moved their folders, but left files in the old location. Windows will move all files automatically. You can store files in the old location though, if you specifically navigate their.
The Windows Update deleted those folders in the old location, to handle the transition cleaner. In the process, some users lost files that where stored in a location that shouldn’t exist anymore and that they stated (by setting a new one) they don’t need anymore.

By all means, go ahead and do that. But don’t come here complaining some stuff doesn’t work, or an Update breaks your PC.
It’s a bit like disabling large parts of systemd because you hate it in, lets say Debian, and then wondering why an update doesn’t go through properly. Yes, you can do that, but you probably shouldn’t.

With ShutUp10, stick to the “green” options and you should be fine. It’s still changing a lot of things under the hood MS might not account for in an update.

Other than that, get the windows terminal from the store. It’s beta, but really good. Makes a lot of things a LOT easier, when you’re all about cmd, powershell and wsl.

A second recommendation for PowerToys It adds a lot of window managment that Linux Desktops do to windows.

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Shutup10 breaks nothing and gives you a nice switch to turn it back on should it cause problems for you. It’s really the best way to go about it. Most of the things it does there’s already menu options for, but it puts everything in one place.

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This is true for lots of things…

But if you run openshell you don’t need windows search :troll:

It’s come a long way from what was Microsoft security essentials.

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Your life choice …:wink: I prefer, however, to apply appropriate protection of body fluid flow.
I feel sad just when people do not use the firewall properly at every turn. This is not about philosophy of “security” but about the concept of “flow control”. To see what your system and applications are doing in the context of network traffic.
But my methods of using Windows don’t have to suit everyone. For me, the system / application has no right to make any connection without my knowledge and consent. Every process that initiates a connection must go through my vision. I have been doing this for decades and it has allowed me to spot problems created by users in many places.
Many of the problems that people have with W10 can be solved by simply blocking network access to specific system processes. The same with applications that do not always have to have access to the network and need to be run.
A firewall is like a border guard at the border and I will always recommend using it because even if the network has a central firewall, many things cannot be separated on such a low layer beyond the application level.

I have been using Avast for many years on many machines. Still since W98se. When it comes to Windows built-in def is also turned on. And periodic scans with the help of Malwarebytes. I really don’t remember when I got the phone that the pc is off because the virus…
I am not saying that Avast is so good, I use it because it was / is free and it is not a total BS.

When it comes to problems with anti-viruses and MS, I’m 100% aware. We experienced this at work. I even wrote about it in this forum once. :wink:

dont feel too bad about your decision to switch to Windows, gaming on windows is getting better than ever. New developments allow you to play Wine and DXVK games with a little thing called win32 and the performance is actually very good. You have very little to actually worry about and overall everything should just werk. I recommend the 10 distro, it’s rolling release so you don’t have to reinstall your entire system when updates come out. :grin:


It’s really matured in the first 4 years, and is almost ready for release!

They still have some UI elements to fix in settings menu’s, and RDP holes to close, but definitely getting to be a proper system

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Cmd admin
Powercfg.exe -h off

Disables hibernation also claws back storage space

I also change the default page file to min 600 max 2048 and disable restore points because

You probably already know all this but in case you didn’t, know is half the battle, go joe

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I know that all sorts of people love chocolatey, but I’ve only ever had problems with it because the package maintenance is a haphazard mess by random people that do random things with the configuration files that cause dumb things like fucked up settings or command prompts needing to stay open to keep a program running. It definitely did not make things simpler, easier, or more trustworthy.

Went back to downloading installers and using the auto-update that most programs have now days, which piss me off a whole lot less.

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Again, why? Unless you’re really strapped for space and/or are running spinning rust, there’s no reason to do this. If you’re running 16G+ RAM you might not notice a difference, but if you’re below that, you can easily run out of RAM and Swap, which would cause Problems.

Moving the Pagefile to a different disk from your OS disk can help with performance, but SSD’s are so fast nowadays, that you probably won’t notice.

To make my point once and for all, so i can stop saying this to every post:
He just came back to Windows. Can everyone stop recommending he should f*ck with his OS please? Most of those Tips are years old, came from a pre-SSD or pre-10 era and either don’t do anything at best, limit functionality some people might want, or screw up Windows completely at worst.

Windows 10, apart from some settings and small tweaks, is pretty good out of the box. There is a lot you CAN do. But that depends highly on how YOU use your PC. Generally recommending to turn off hibernation or Restore Points can be really counter Productive. Especially if someone gets here through a google search and doesn’t know what it even does.

If you start to change 90% of your OS before you even start using it, you’ll never know how good or bad it is. Please, use Windows as intended and only start changing things that bother you or you feel you need to change. What works for you might not for others.
I also don’t go into Ubuntu threads telling everyone to strip out gnome and install i3 because it’s faster…

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