Are you guys still in Kentucky?

If so.. How close to Bell County?


I do. From the actual staff, though, Wendell does - his business is located here.

I thought so. I'm asking this to ask another question to be honest lol. I'd like to go a step farther as a fan and actually help them out in person. I want to be an intern for them.

What does wendell actually do and what does his company do.

welllll.... Im in kansas city right now, soaking up that fiber optic insanity. As for what I do, that's classified. Or more of the same? Yes, more of the same. Payin the bills with my mad programming skillz, defragging my hard drive for thrills and whatnot. lol. 

That was some of the most beautiful poetry these eyes have ever seen haha

at the start i thought that was Qain!!

So.. Asking for an internship or a job would probably be pushing every rule on the website? lol

I get all of my components from cracker jack boxes.... haha but 2:28 was just painful, seeing that beautiful CRT beat to death. People should be jailed for such an offense even if it is in the name of comedy and good fun haha. Weird al is always a good time.

Wendell, I love that your avatar is Dr. Strangelove.

Best. Movie. Ever.

thank you sir

This spoken word weird al channel must happen...

Classified as in Gabe Newell and he run's Valve the secret is out lol but I saw that your company did the zoom in of planet earth in the show Destination Truth so that probably means that you came up with google earth lol I would be in the least shocked if you said that you did.