Are Wireless Headsets Dangerous?

Hello I have researched this before in the past and never got a clear answer and was hoping some of you can clear it up, now I am not too informed about the topic but what I do know is that wireless headsets use bluetooth technology which communicates via radio waves through a receiver and transmitter, having said radio waves are a minor form of radiation, and radiation in heavy doses can lead to cancers and the denaturation of DNA. Now with all of this is using a wireless gaming headset for about 4 or 5 hours a day harmful to your health in anyway, I was thinking about purchasing one until I started thinking on that for a while, can you guys shed any light on this? Thanks

Any danger is proportional to the output effect, and fortunately wireless headsets must use as little energy as possible in order to keep a reasonable battery life with a tiny battery. Also, wired headsets aren't exactly free of electrical fields either.

Bluetooth utilizes electromagnetic waves with a frequency of 2.4 Ghz. The ultraviolet spectrum is the lowest frequency spectrum with enough energy to break the bonds between DNA molecules, and the lowest frequency wave in that spectrum has a frequency of 800 Thz.

So no, there's really nothing to worry about.

What exactly do you mean?

The FCC only allows consumer devices to transmit at a maximum power of 1 watt on the 2.4GHz, so the dangerous isn't really that dangerous

Invisible wires are 1000x easier to trip over.[citation needed]

Radio waves are one thing power is another . I doubt either is anywhere cloe to causing any health hazards. The amount of efi ,radiation,and power in a smartphone is way way more and people have had them stuck to thier heads for hours a day for many years. Dont be scared, drink the gaming headset koolaid! LOl


Lmao, but seriously so they are safe?

Yes. The electromagnetic radiation emitted by wireless consumer products is too low in both amplitude, frequency and intensity to cause ionisation or generate sufficient heat.

Yes, they are completely safe, most of these arguments that consumer wireless products aren't safe is a load of crap. Most wireless devices don't transmit with enough power to cause cellular damage. BTW visible light is a radio wave but in the THz range as opposed to the GHz range

It's no more dangerous than a wi-fi router, microwave or bluetooth speakers.