Are Windows apps on Snapdragon CPUs supposed to "just work"?

I’m interested in the new Snapdragon CPUs for Windows.

Is every app that works on x64 expected to work without the software developers having to lift a finger?

There will be many applications compiled for x86-64 and even x86 that will not work on Windows for ARM. Even Apple couldn’t get perfect emulation out of Rosetta 2 and they controlled the entire execution stack.

This is probably only important for more compute heavy tasks, but the new Elite X Snapdragon CPUs for Windows use an old version of the ARM architecture that doesn’t have decent SIMD commands like x86-64/more recent ARM chips do. The best Elite X can do is NEON from 2005… Reason I mention this is because there are many x86-64 applications with AVX instructions in them that will choke the ARM processor if they try to emulate them. I’d actually be curious to see what happens when it tries to emulate a SIMD instruction wider than the ARM CPU supports, it’d either be an exponential slowdown or outright crash.