Are we all going sli nowadays?

I'm going to build myself an upgrade from what i have now in the next couple of days, and I am going to go with a mobo that does not support, sli, but at the same time is a very solid board, and for some interesting reason, is much cheaper! so why are so many people sliing? Is it really worth it? in my opinion, no, its not. Not a ton of games are optimized for sli, and if you want a nice gpu just go with a hybrid solution from either ati or nvidia. I've also noticed that sli mobos are very expensive, which suprises me. first of all, sli mobos dont have that many great features as it is, the only difference is that extra pci express x16 slot, or maybe 2 more. In my opinion, its not worth it to dish out another 100 dollars, and then more money on a second graphics card, just because you want 2 or 3 gpu's. its really not worth it.

sli is for people who want bragging rights.

no matter what theirs a single card that can defeat your sli, until you get up to the gtx 280/260, 9800gx2, but theirs no point even for sli with such high end card unless you;re playing on a friggin 42" lcd monitor

sli is not just about bragging rights

Instead of getting a 9800 GX2 you can get two 9800 for cheaper and be better in performance.

SLI is for gamers who like very high resolution just not for show

theres no need for sli, but hell, why not? personally, i stick to one card solutions myself (only because im always broke and cant afford to get myself that 2nd card). im working and saving up for a new build. i might go crossfire. for about the same price as one gtx 280, i can get to 4870s. :D that should be fun.

I went with SLI for couple reasons:

1 - 2 9800 GTX's were cheaper than one GX2

2 - 2 9800 GTX's outperform one GX2


That is why sli is so good you can get more performance for your money

If you want sli go ahead but most games will run on 1 gpu fine.

tri sli is a overkill thow.

I agree, tri sli is probably never worth it. one card is good enough for me

I think it's worth it if the cards are cheap.

I'm gonna go single card..Can't afford SLI or CF.

yea if the cards are cheap cheap tri sli wont be overkill but like the newer cards and stuff tri sli is overkill as they have so much power.

SLI is fine for 280's

but tri sli is overkill.

even with 9800 Tri sli is a overkill.

SLI is a good tool, if used right. Taking two shitty cards... and putting them in sli, gives you nothing back, you get shit graphics and high resolutions at high frame rates. Using two good cards you get nice graphics, good resolutions and fast frames per second. SLI is for anyone who is kinda serious about games, if you want the edge against people then get 2 gpus, or play with low graphics on a shitty card (like me!!!)

LOL dead hand, i just remembered megotrice's 8600gt sli endevor.

"d00d, t0o c@rD$! Th@t'1l b3 so0 1337!"

lmaooo, sorry frank

Efficiency goes down in every card you add.

100%-1st card

75%-2nd card

50%-3rd card

The GX2 and X2 are the most efficent I believe in SLI and Crossfire.