Are this temperatures normal?

So I just installed a 212 EVO I bought some time ago in my i5-3550 expecting lower temperatures and thankfully I did, as I reached 90ºC with the stock cooler. But strangely, it doesnt match the temps some friends talked about, as I am idling at 45-50ºC and topping at 65-70ºC. I applied the pea method with the Arctic Silver 5 and then screwed the cooler with a cross pattern.

I just checked if the fan was wrongly placed, but it has 2 arrows (one pointing to the left and one pointing downwards), and I could find any other good position for the airflow. These temperatures look wrong to me because I had it installed before I changed the motherboard (long history) and remember quite lower temperatures, it hasnt changed a lot while idling with the stock fan.

The case it a Bitfenix Comrade, my GPU (R9 280X) idles at 49ºC and I just have a exhaust fan installed, the one that came with the box. I hope you guys can help me because I´m a little bit worried

Seems a bit high for the setup, but not dangerously high. If you're sure the CPU fan is firmly installed, maybe it has to do with airflow in the case. I'd recommend installing 1-2 fans for intake in the front.

EDIT: Could also just be weather (hot as hell here). Oh, and make sure air flows around the case.

CPU fan is alright, but I will take your advice and put a few more 120mm fans in the front. If they keep being like this I might replace the thermal paste again and screw the 212 harder, or just save money and move into something like the Corsair h100i

Thanks man!

It does seem a bit high but like @Chillfanger says, not dangerously so.

Some missing info here; what is the ambient temp in the case when it's closed and you're measuring this?

Also, you have the fan blowing INTO the heatsink vs sucking out of it, correct?

Hello @eidolonFIRE , I don´t know what the ambient temp in the case would be, but the ambient temperature in the room is about 28ºC, the fan is blowing into the heatsink, and in the direction of the exhaust fan

That looks not very airflow friendly. Can you just open the case and put a big fan next to it?

Ok. Ambient temp in the case is important. Do you have a thermometer laying around the house that you can put in there? If you don't get enough case airflow the heat can build up in the case resulting in higher than expected silicon temps.

What I might do is remove the front panel to let the air come through it, probably adding 2 more 120 fans vertically

That case? This is your case, and you complain of high temps?

My friend...
The difference between front dust filter and no dust filter is this:

And that is just a fan filter. You have an entirely enclosed front panel with no fans what so ever...
Just get yourself more open case with some extra fans and you are set...

I will post the results later, but as of now I have patiently cleaned the CPU and the cooler´s base and moved the fan to a more favorable position, getting now 40ºC degrees in idle and near 70ºC in full load (32ºC minimum and 69ºC maximum)

I believe this is quite better, but it can go lower for sure, I heard the AS5 need some curation time, so the temps might go lower dont you think? Thanks guys

It does indeed... I use MX2, but it's Arctic non the less and it does improve thermals over time...

If you only have the stock fan on it get another, or if you already have 2 get better fans. when overclocking my fx8120, i couldn't stop it from over heating under load (70c) even at 1.28v when stock is 1.4v but i added a second fan to the 212evo and now it idles at (19C) and (59C underload) the stock fan is not that great.

in fact i still have my second fan just rubber banded around the 212 kuz i dont have another mount X)

What 120mm fans could you recommend me? I heard about Noctuas but can´t afford them, and I need 2 more fans for the front, but my motherboard (which is a cheap one I bought to replace my broken old one) doesnt have too many CPU headers...

EDIT: The case temperature is 38ºC
18$ on newegg with free shipping and handling. most 120mm fans will be around 10-20$ USD unless they are on clearance. also you need static pressure fans to pull the air into the fans through your case's "aesthetic" peice of metal blocking the intake, then push the air through the drive cage.

very good post,

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just grab this and set it up to push air through the 212 then use your stock fan to pull air out

fan sett up should be like this : exhaust case fan < gap < stock-fan < 212 < new-fan < gap < intakefan (if you have one)

I did not understood any of this...

You can never go wrong with Noctua. If you wish the best - Noctua fans, Seasonic PSU and HGST hard drives...
If you want to go cheaper, atleast on the fans front, check out one of the listed above...

Ah, i see... But 212 is not a cooler, that will benefit in any significant way by having 2 fans on it...
The case airflow need to take the hot air away and bring fresh cool air in...

i have personally confirmed that a second fan will give significant benifit

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I stand corrected. Honestly, u did not expect the 212 to have enough dissipation capability to need 2 fans...