Are these speakers good?

those speakers look sick as hell and there cheap too. the coolest thing about them is they blink to the music and there blue so that goes with my blue theme. i doubt anyone has these speakers though cuz ive never even heard of the name before but ya never know? thanks

if you really want them get them they seem alright I would recommend the Logitech X-540's


dont bother with that rubbish

dude lol read reviews there good speakers

[s]dude lol read reviews there good speakers[/s]

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not sure tho cuz i really need speakers cuz i have really shitty old dell ones that sometimes on goes out so i have to hit it to make it the ones you showed me are nice cuz there surround sound and that would be nice, the ones i want are only 2.1

Sorry Prawn for the edit, lmao. =P



lol no problem I didnt even notice that double post

uhh is there like a middle between cheap and quality lol?

just get them... if you really want them I would recommend the X-540's those speakers are good.

watch for the DISCO efect to many flashing lites and you get dizzy :)

alright haha