Are these parts compatible?

This is my first build and I already have a few parts bought. I was wondering if all of these were compattible:

AMD A10-5800K: I like this APU because if I use another graphics card with it, it'll be a big boost!(Bought)

AsRock FM2A75 Pro4: I like this motherboard because It comes with a lot of stuff! Accepts high speed memory, 2 slots for graphics cards(I'll only use one but you never know, maybe I'll use a second one later on my life), another slot for Wifi, for dim slots for ram.

Corsair Vengence 8GB: I thought this would be fine since my motherboard accepts 1866 memory so... yep ganna buy this one.

MSI R7790 1GB: I was ganna get the 7770 but I went a little higher since I had a little bit more room in my case:

Corsair CX500: Efficency, to the MAX. Well not really it's a bronze not a silver or anything fancy but it'll do.(Bought)

MSI TC-128 Case: It's a sexy case.(Bought)

Tech Level" 3/5 Thought that would be importatnt to know and it was on newegg so I just added it. What's yours?

they are compatiable. 

it's compatable, but running a 7790 defeats the purpose of an apu, you'd be better off with a fx-4xxx or phenom-ii-x4 and an am3+ mobo

Oh you already bought the 5800k? You cant crossfire just any card and the best card that you can crossfire with the APU is a Radeon 6670.

If you plan on crossfiring the HD 7790 with the APU for an added boost in power, I think you may be in for a surprise.  I don't think you can crossfire the HD 7790 with that APU.  It'll just default to using only the HD 7790 for graphics. If you wanted to crossfire your APU's integrated GPU with another GPU, I think the HD 6670 is the only option.  Other than that, everything else looks fine.


Well I guess only using one scource for graphics is fine i guess.

Wait another question

Which would be better for gaming?

6670 with the APU dual graphics or Just the 7790?

I would say the HD 7790 would be better.  You don't have to worry about scaling and/or problems with microstuttering.  And you won't have to worry about which games do and don't utilize dual GPU setups.

Oh thank God. Oh yeah and you.