Are these older screens any good?

I dell flat screen at a pawnshop a 5-6 hours ago it was only $40 i did not have that right now,but i laywayed it, i did not get to see an exact model(i was having trouble finding it lol).

These look a lot like it,but i am not sure of the size,and i am 60% sure it was a wide screen lol so it may be one of these 2.

I made sure to have them test it before i paid anything,and it worked great.

Is it a good price for one,and are they any good?

I will be picking it up around the 8th and i will do my best to find and post the model# then.

I think from what i have found it is a smaller older(2008 or 2009)dell ultrasharp,it has a usb hub,dvi&vga,and the stand has tilt,swivel,rotate, and height.

Is it a good monitor?