Are these good case fans?

i was just woundering if these were good case fans

the case there going to be used is in the nzxt switch 810 it has 6 fan slots all are 140mm, but im gonna buy 7 because im gonna be using a 140mm rad(nzxt kraken x40)

thx for the help

Remember, often you get what you pay for. For just general case fans, these would probably be fine. However, if you're looking to actually UPGRADE your fans on your radiator, then I would recommend Noctua's NF-A14, fantastic performance.

They seem ok. Not sure if they're silent (I prefer silent to my blazing h80i's fans atm). I've ordered some SP120's , it depends really. If you dont want to spend much , get the ones you linked.

they seem alright, although going by the product description they are air-flow optimized fan's not pressure optimized so dont use them on a radiator, also the fan blade design i noticed is one of those noise reductuction designs. so if your a sound freak then you will like em most likely. but you are going to want a mix of theese and static pressure fans for fan placement in your case like the Noctua NF-F12's which are static pressure fans (good one's) for radiators and like the front of hardrive cages

If you want the best, then get the noctua NF-A15's and NF-A14's. Good airflow with very low noise. With these set to a medium setting your case would be 100% silent and cool. (high on radiator) $29

If you want a little less performance for a great price, the Corsair AF 140's are good with just a little less performance. (couple degrees) ~$18

The rosewill, are average. To get their performance, they are louder. far and away from silent. But with that many fans, you could put them all on low.

If you got a multi-GPU setup, or mass amounts of HDD's then you might as well not cheap out on the fans. If you just want an enthusiast build, for a normal high end gaming rig (single high end GPU OC'd and OC'd CPU) then these fans will work great at low settings because you have so many of them. The price is good, but keep them in low or you will start to hear a hum to your case.

Another important factor.. which you probably knew but worth mentioning, is that you want to have more intake fans than exhaust fans or you will create suction in the case and pull in dust. Make sure you have more intake fans all covered by dust screens than you do exhaust, or you will be cleaning out your case more frequently, and with bigger globs of dust.