Are these FX-6300 Temps safe?

I'm running an fx6300 and so far no game has been giving me problems, except recently when i tried smite. Turns out that gets my processor to peak at 60 C and my GPU to peak at 73 C.

I know the GPU is fairly safe but what about the processor?
Should i reseat the Heatsink? It's a freezer 13. 

That's perfectly fine for an FX honestly. Mine shuts off around 85c, but I really wouldn't recommend letting it go that high. I'd try to keep it 70 or lower. A lot of people moan and groan and say the thermal limit is 60, and it's great it you can keep it at or below 60 on full load, but you aren't gonna hurt it by going higher (within reason)

alright. sounds great considering it's running at 4.4

yeah, i can set when my pc turns off (its supposed to be a warning but i think it broke because what it set it to is what it shuts off at)

i keep mine below 60 at all times though (oced with an nh-d14) but undervolted i was getting 60c with insane rpm on the fan (it ramps up at 60, and doesnt want it to go past that)