Are these firestrike numbers low?

I just got the MSI GT72 6QF DOM PRO 4K and I've been running some tests. Something seems off..This has the full GTX 980 and just for testing I've lowered the resolution to 1080p. Anyone?

Cloud gate 1.1- Score 28001
SKY DIVER 1.0- Score 12697
FIRE STRIKE 1.1- Score 8912


Unigen Valley Benchmark

a single 980 is really good, but yes there are ways to bring any video card to it's knees. unfortunately. I wouldn't game at 4k on a single 980. I have dual 980's water cooled and overclocked, and WoW maxes them at 100% gpu usage at 4k around 60-80fps. needless to say far cry primal would be more demanding at 4k & ultra

Those firestrike numbers are good for this system?

I have an OC'd 980 - downloading now and ill post my numbers in a bit

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Firestrike is off, WAY off should be scoring at least 10k+ if its a full 980 in there with that cpu. Check the thermals and the frequencies of the gpu to see if there is any throttling during firestrike. Not so sure about the other benchmarks.

For firestrike I got 11100

Graphics 14138
Physics 8133
Combined 5377

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Laptop keeping the temps lower co.pared to desktop? Limiting performance?

I have the fans running 100%. I've been trying to compare with the results online in 3DMark, and it's got a 970m in front for some reason as well as GTX 970 in some situations.

Hmmm yea I thought something was off with the performance.. This has a full 980 and should be within 5% of a regular 980. Thank you btw for posting your score here

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did you make sure that you set your Power Options to High Performance? Also download GPU-Z to see if its actually a 970m in there by the Lookup option.Its pretty accurate of detecting gpus.

No prob! Always happy to help if I can.

One thing to check is in nVidia control panel - make sure your gpu is doing the physx not the cpu.

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