Are these decent?

I'm getting these in the mail in a few days and I was wondering what other people's opinions on them might be. I'm in no way an audiophile so tell me if I made a mistake buying these :D

Yeup. They are awful. Good luck.

Damn.... :/
Well if it makes it any better, I spent $70 on it not $140.

I mean I didn't know until after I bought them that they are from like 2009. I have about $120 left what headphones should I get? They need decent bass, and closed back. Good quality.

If you buy used there's a guy that "says" he only used them twice doesn't matter thought, its better to buy headphones used.

I've actually had my eyes on these for travel; closed back, great reviews on quality, folds up and so I can keep my DT 990s at home.

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If you want the ATH-M50x but cheaper I can recommend the M40x. They come with 2x cables (1x 1.2-3.0m coiled, 1x 3.0m straight, so they don't have the straight 1.2m cable) and have a very similar sound. You can also only turn the cups 90°, not 180° like the M50x.

They're ~$85 on, ~$100 with a hardbody case (but there should be a pouch included, at least mine had one).

Thanks for the replies guys!

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I've used them several times in the past and they seem to be pretty decent.

I've used AT mics for years, and if the headphones can handle the beatings my mics can handle. I'd highly recommend them :)