Are these CPU temps good?

I have a 3570k running at 4.1ghz cooled with a CM hyper 212 evo. The fan was running at 1100rpm and the max temp I got was about 37c. Is this temperature really good? Bad? or average?


I recorded these while playing Battlefield 3 on ultra settings.

that's pretty good.

Is that socket temp or actual core temperature? Because that's damn low compared to what Intel have recently been bringing out (the chips are running around 80c).

Since I have taken these numbers I have overclocked to 4.3ghz at 1.2v. I just ran through Battlefield 3 on ultra setting and with Real Temp I got a max temperature of 57c. I'm assuming these look more real? I was using the temperature from the sensor in AI Suit 2 before.