Are these Components Compatible?

Hey Tek Forums,

This'll be my first PC build and I just wanna make sure all of the components i picked out will behave nicely with each other. 

Based off of recent 400$ APU build:

I made a few picky tweaks, such as...

  • Changed the case, wanted a bottom mount psu
  • Changed the mobo, wanted ability for CrossFire in the future
  • Changed the PSU, wanted modular
  • Changed the HDD, doesnt really matter, didn't need 1.5 TB

Here's the link:

Just wondering if there's anything i could do to save a few bucks possibly

Thanks, SaltyBasilisk


create the build on pcpartspicker, it will tell you if there are any major issues. It looks fine to me, but you could prolly get more for your money.

Yeah I noticed everyone was using PcPartPicker.

any suggestions on where i can improve to get more for my money? Money isnt that much of an issue for me anyway but thanks for your help man. 

Wait for the A10-6800k. It probably won't be a huge jump in performance, but for a igpu based system, every bit counts right?

Not only that. The A10-5800k will likely drop in price.

My opinion? If you absolutely need it up and running now, get an A4-5300, then sell it on ebay when the A10-6800k arrives.

About when does the A10-6800k come out? 

Is it like 100 mhz faster? and no this is something i want to put together towards summer so like June. 

And will the A10-6800k be FM2 socket?

Thanks for advice tho

It's going to be released some time in June. I think the 6800k will clocked at 4.1ghz (4.4 turbo) and 844mhz iGPU. And yes it's going to be FM2

I can't remember the exact numbers.

k well then yeah i might make that decision then to get the 6800k by then. depending on price i guess. Thanks for the tip