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Are there waterblocks for threadripper pro or their motherboard?

Looking at the Asus WRX80 SAGE, hoping there is a waterblock or monoblock around for it

EK might have some.

Or maybe not yet, but soon…

For both, less so the cpu. Optimus for example the part that fits the cpu they said will fit both.

Looks like Supermicro have sourced something. This pic is from their Jan 23 promotional video for their prebuilt 5014A-TT so may just be artist’s impression?

It is still the same mounting spec as with all the other Big Sockets before, so any block or cooler designated for Threadripper, Epyc, SP3, TR4 and what ever the TRX40 and TRX80 Board-sockts are named, will fit and do its job.

So there are some compatible CPU Blocks out there already.
EKWB has multiple depending on your budget and coldplate size.

Be aware that Noctua Coolers are designed for TR and Epyc / Wepic with their rotated socket make that a Top exaust config.

Monoblocks for boards are as usual more complicated and i don’t know of any yet.

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There aren’t any monoblocks yet. However, Liquid Extasy might be able to make a custom one for you if that really matters.

As for waterblocks, any TR4/SP3 blocks will work with TR Pro since WRX8 has the same mounting points.

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I have used and am using both the XSPC Raystorm Neo sTR4 block and the Optimus PC Absolute Threadripper cpu cooling blocks on my Epyc workstations.

Both work very well and haven’t broken 50° C. yet on all-core loading doing 24/7 distributed computing.

Is there one you prefer? For a TR Pro.

The Optimus PC one is the very best made so far. Absolutely massive amount of fine-pitched fin grid array surface area.

Can cool 800W of heat easily.
Optimus PC Threadripper/Epyc cpu block

Looks like the Optimus block went out of stock today. Was available yesterday.

Next best choice would be the Watercool Heatkiller IV TR4 Pro block I think.
Heatkiller IV Pro TR4 block

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I can second the heatkiller. Omg those are nice.

I also found this cheap one on ebay thats surprisingly effective

for $70 thats a steal, though I’ve seen them about $10 cheaper at times.

Looks like a variation of the equivalently priced BarrowCh, but with a better look and port and frame mount design.

@wendell - if you catch word of any waterblocks for the Asus sWRX 80 Chipset and/or VRMs, I would love to hear about it. I’m still in the research & planning phase for my CLC setup, but so far I’ve gone with optimus cpu block and Alphacool 420/480 RADs. I’m also considering optimus pump/res combo with some form of snazzy braided steel automotive tubing, & inline pressure sensors.

just have some air movement around the vrms. it’s so overbuilt you really do not need a monoblock. any threadripper cpu block will do for the cpu itself ofc. same socket. same even as epyc :slight_smile:

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Gotcha :call_me_hand:t4:

I actually purchased this block for a trial. I like that it fits both AM4 and SP3 sockets and has a full coverage coldplate for Epyc/TR and more than enough cooling for highly clocked Ryzen Zen 3 cpus.

Maybe a few degrees less effective than my old XSPC Raystorm Pro Neo TR4 block. Good fit and finish too. Worth the $60 cost.

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The Optimus pump/res combo is a bit pricey. But engineered very well and I like that you get a true Xylem D5 pump and with the rare SATA power connector instead of the Molex connector everybody else offers. I have standardized on the Optimus 12" model. I have 3.

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Sweet! I’m thinking about the standard dual loop for cpu/gpu as soon as a block is made for AMD W6800, that is. I’m not too big into RGB but would like to incorporate Alphacool’s helix but I highly doubt they are compatible w/ Optimus pumps.

But, AM4 is different, right? I’m looking for a simple AIO CPU cooler (to use temporarily for bench testing before putting in a case with a custom loop).

Something like the CORSAIR iCUE H100i RGB PRO XT says it supports:
AMD AM4 / AM3 / AM2 / sTRX4 / sTR4

whereas, say, the EK AIO Basic 240mm and others, often only say:

Are the AMD AM4 coolers, with no mention of TR4/SP3, a no go for a WRX8 Threadripper Pro?

Any of the clone Asetek coolers with the standard mounting plate mechanism just needs to swap out the TR4/SP3 mounting plate with the different hole spacings.

Lots of the Asetek AIO kits have all the required mounting frames for Intel, AM4 and SP3/TR4 sockets.

You can also purchase an inexpensive AM4/SP3/TR4 custom cpu block that fits all sockets and main benefit it has a full coverage coldplate to cover the entire TR4/SP3 IHS.

I am using one on a TR4 2920X and just waiting for my Epyc 7443P to be delivered.

CPU Water Block for AMD Ryzen 3 5 7 9 AM4 TR4 Threadripper RAY-MK-M RGB aRGB LED

The socket is still SP3 even for the WRX80 boards. My TR2920X even shipped with a Asetek mounting plate for any Asetek derived AIO.

Have any specific brand/model pointers? I’m looking for a basic functional SP3/TR4 compatible 240mm AIO that I can use for temporary bench testing, not custom loop components (that I’d need to assemble, leak test, fill, etc. – that’ll come later after the bench mounting.)