Are there any water blocks that fit an RTX A5000?

My workstation is as follows
APC 1500 battery backup
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-core, 24-Thread
Msi x570 tomahawk WiFi
2x TEAMGROUP T-Force Dark Za (Alpha) 32GB Kit (2x16GB) DDR4 Dram 3600MHz
Total :64GB
Boot drive
Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD 500GB - M.2 NVMe

Samsung 860 EVO SSD 1Tb sata 3
Rtx A5000
Evga 850 power supply
Noctua nh-d15 cpu cooler
phanteks p600s

Case lined with 1x 120 mm Arctic 2x 140 thermal take fans top 3x 140 phantek fans front 3x 140 noctua fan cpu & exhaust.
GPU still gets to 85°C at full load and it’s a load blower fan. But not sure if any water blocks out there will fit it. It is right next to me so noise is a concern.

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If your lucky with the bolt pattern then maybe this.
mounting plates

Universal Water block might work?

I did end up modding my RTX A5000 but I went air cooled. I removed the blower cooler and put a RAIJINTEK MORPHEUS 8057. With 2 120 Thermaltake toughfan 12. I had to make some custom brackets to mount the cooler. Gpu running at around 30*C under load . The blower cooler was designed for a server and didn’t get enough airflow in my case configuration. I did run into one problem, but it was good I found it. Apparently from the factory I had a cold solder joint on the primary power in. A wire broke loose during the mod. I resolder it and all is well. By the way, the thermal paste they send out is crap. It was like cement and hard as a rock. Took me 20 minutes with 90% alcohol to get it off.



I am thinking of modding mine too.

I see that you put custom heat sinks on all the memory modules, smart. I assume the TT fans cool those as well after the air passes through the Raijintek heatsink.

Was there any particular reason you decided not to water cool?

Could you post a picture of it all put together ?

As well as any tips/lessons learned from this would be greatly appreciated!


Edit -
Also, I’m interested how long to total card length is. It’s 10.5" long with the manufacture shroud on it. I’m just curious because I am having slight clearance issues right now with the end of the card nearly touching one of my front case fans. At it definitely does not help that the power outlet is at the end as well. Just curious if the total length is any shorter without the blower fan.

Can you teach me how you create custom braket? If you can give me your drawing or cad file to make it. I really want to make it.