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Are there any sysadmins out there working for small companies?



I’ve worked for this enterprise company for 3 years now.
Seeing that the market breaks open again I’m willing to make a switch.
Small IT companies with development of sites and software is something I would consider.

Are there any of you familiar with these kinds of jobs, and what are the pros and cons?


I work developing software and internal-only websites in a small company along with managing servers to maintain those things. We have between 50-100 employees and over a thousand clients.

I’m not sure if that’s the type of thing you specifically mean, but a lot of the pros/cons that come to mind are specific to this corporate culture which will certainly be wildly different between small companies.


Cons: At a smaller company a lot of your duties will blend with the Help Desk folks (if you have them at all). Your also usually the “catch-all” for any other office duties, like physical security, moving furniture, mailroom, etc. There’s fewer people to learn from, so your growth may stagnate.

Pros: If you want, you can be friends with everyone in the company. You get to create the procedures your company uses rather than blindly following arbitrary guidelines.


I currently work for a company of 3000~ employees. we’re separated in different units so I work with 50~ people directly. but the major complain is that the management from about 10 layers up there opinion continually down my trough. we have to work with all these standards and there is no room for any creativity.

I currently work a semi helpdesk to, but they are all developers so there questions are good and fun to get in to. Your point with the learning is a good one, I didn’t think of that one. I would like to do some physical duties like cabling and hardware. but they cant force me to do the furniture, right?


Depends on where you live. Texas is a right to work state, so they don’t have to fire you for cause. Additionally, a lot of places have a line item in your job description called “Other duties as assigned”.

When I worked as a sysadmin for small companies about 12-13 years ago, those duties included climbing in the ceiling running drops from a secured server room to a colo, setting up cabs in both spaces, building desks/cubicles, wiring cameras for the security system, and some other tasks that larger companies generally hire a contractor to do.

That was in addition to configuring switches, setting up jboss servers, acting as a DBA, and other sysadmin duties.

That being said, I did think of another Pro. At larger companies, you tend to have dedicated DBAs, Network Engineers, Data Center Techs, etc. At a smaller company that’s ALLLLLL you. So you get a lot of crossover training. When I started as just a front line ticket maker, I knew how to program in action script (flash games), and that was it. I got promoted to a DC tech, and eventually became a sysadmin for a hosting company. Then moved to a smaller SaaS company where I learned AD, Email, Phone Systems, PHP, Perl, how to write SQL, how to do RFPs and a whole host of other things.

I went in only knowing how to setup ghost, ios (cisco) and kicking/racking servers. Left with a lot of skills that helped me elsewhere.