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Are there any professions that are immune to automation?


Maybe if you’re talking about insects, yeast, or algae ranching. Growing anything else in any volume requires vast amounts of space. Cities are incredibly dense and making a city self-sufficient in food you’d want to eat requires serious science-fiction tech like universal constructors.



Yeah, and that requires vast amounts of space to feed a city. There are over 100,000 people living within a square mile of me. My building has thousands of people living in it.


Tricare is great, I don’t know what your talking about. It has only served me well and I rarely hear complaints from anyone but the type of person that thinks they’re being discriminated against because they showed up 45 minutes late to their appointment and have to reschedule.


I usually have some jokes in the motd that change once in a while.

Why do Java programmers wear glasses? Because they can’t C#

Things like that. I wonder if I can implement some sort of supervised learning algorithm to associate those jokes with others to tell a new joke every day? :thinking:

Thank you! You’ve inspired a new project.