Are there any non-partitioned GPU based laptops anymore?

I have a plain and simple question:

Is there, somwhere out in the steaming pile of shit and bull, even bullshit, that is modern laptops, a laptop that has a DGPU that is ONLY THAT, no iGPU, no APU, none of this annoying "Me too" dumbassery that is frankly pissing me off.

Why do I ask? OSX can't handle GPU switching. Thats right, the DGPU iGPU setups in macbooks are completely different in physical wiring than in my Hackintosh Y40-70. So all I can use on it is the piece of shit HD4400 in which case its a netbook. Now, I could use windows! Well I get 30 FPS and the GPU switching doesn't work half the time and when it does the FPS flops around like a bonita on the deck of a fishing boat in the middle of the atlantic at night. Use linux? Nope. Prime doesn't want to work. I also know nothing of prime, however, the chip is also labeled wierdly so the normal set up seen on the archwiki doesn't really work even though... it should.

At this point I am looking at maybe selling that Y40 off as its purpose no longer will work for me, and its otherwise a pain in the ass half the time. So is there a laptop that has just a normal ass processor, no god damn iGPU annoying bullshit, and a normal GPU that can actually do something, not just draw a desktop at 4 FPS.

First-gen Core i7 QC based laptops will all have a dGPU only as the CPU package didn't carry an iGPU until second-gen. Otherwise you're stuck looking for a very specific set of machines with desktop CPUs in them, and the ones without the iGPUs aren't really even considered laptops anymore. (P570WM, D900F)

There is an off-chance you could get an LGA1150 Clevo/Eurocom barebones that will take a Xeon E3-1200 series CPU with the iGPU disabled, but again it's not much of a laptop anymore.

Essentially every modern x86 CPU has an accompanying GPU. Find a way around it or switch software and work with it.

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The 10 series Nvidia laptops as far as I can tell have everything turned off on the hardware level. Only the GPU works and is detected properly.

My msi gt62vr does at least.

your problem is lenovo.
Other gaming laptops have a option to switch between the 2 in the bios. So you can set the dGPU as the main gpu in the laptop

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I find this page while searching about “gt62vr hackintosh”.
I will buy next week and want to set macOS on it.
I understood; you have a gt62vr and hackintosh is working well?
Can you share using which version, bootloader etc.?
Thank you much…

I’ve never done anything with hackintosh on this device since I don’t have any MacOS stuff I need access to.

This isn’t really a hackintoshing forum but if you want to ask about it look on the hackintosh reddit or ask in your own thread.