Are there any benefits or reason's to upgrade to Windows 10?

I'm still deciding if it's worth the upgrade. From what I have read on the forum a lot of the feature's from previous windows versions are missing altogether (e.g. Disk clean up). Also it looks like there will be a fair chunk of work to be done after upgrading to get the OS setup how I like it (basically all the stuff in Logans win 10 video) and more.

I would love to here from people who are currently on windows 10 (@Logan @DeusQain) or people who upgraded and decided to go back.

I'm currently on windows 7 if that makes a difference to anyone.

DX 12, improved multitasking, and a little faster. But that's about it. I'd say its worth it if you were running 8.1, but keep in mind that there are rumors for windows 7-8 that will end up having the same privacy issues as Windows 10. If you take the time to remove the features (maybe a 15 minute process) then you will be fine.

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flash ? damn ! Still have not gotten away from it completely. Keep in mind the Windows chooses what to allow you to run. Some people may have issues with this depending on what they are doing.

ATM, no. I dont think, that now there is any reason to switch to it. DX12 is not implemented in any games (yet), the multitasking may be, but god knows, and there may be yet some compatibility issues. I would wait until either first service pack, or until most people say it is ok. Otherwise, i am doing just fine with 7 Ultimate.

Threshold is coming in November. for those who care.


it's the name for Service Pack 1

Disk cleanup still exists in 10 btw.

There isn't any reason to upgrade, even DX10/11 were a big let down since it led to lower fps in games than dx9. I haven't explicitly looked into it but there's no way DX12 alone is worth the hastle.

The Bad:
Multitasking is worse
UAC is worse
either command prompts don't work or windows store apps don't work
need to install a start menu (still) for desktop use
split UI makes changing any one setting involve multiple menus
The PBR features are a lot less transparent/don't work as well as 8/8.1's

The benefits are:
slightly faster (lots of optimization code)
The LTSB branch is supported for 10 years and it doesn't and never will have Cortana
Restore features more user friendly
smaller disk footprint

Either a feature or avoid (depends on PoV):
cloud integration with a MS account (incl bitlocker key backup)
built in spyware (disabling it breaks PBR btw)
A "touch friendly" UI

Windows 10 isn't a desktop OS like Windows 7. It's an OS designed around the concept of a "unified" user interface OS for multiple platforms/form factors, with built in spyware/cloud integration (same thing). Windows 8 was terrible for desktop/non-touch laptop users and windows 10 continues that trend. Microsoft either doesn't “get it” when it comes to the needs of those users or just doesn't care.