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Are there ambient / multi temperature monitoring addon cards?

Hello LevelOne!

I want to, at a minimum, monitor my room’s ambient temperature, and the temperature of the air inside the case, and critically have those temps be fed to me in the standard ways other temps are (ie on linux lm-sensors).

Ideally the card would have more than one internal temp sensing cable, so you can attach them to various things, eg you could measure inflow and outflow temps at different fans, stuff like that. But at least one cable outside the case and one inside.

I visualise this as a PCIe card but there may be other ways you can hook into this that still let you provide the same temp monitoring interface without using a pcie slot. I also have no idea what I’m talking about, so could be using all the wrong terminology.

Is anyone aware of these kinds of addin cards? Does this exist?

I’m sure these kinds of things are frequently done on Raspberry Pi and Arduino sensors that connects to your home lab.

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You could use an Aquacomputer Aquaero but kind of pricy, it has a ton of temp sensors connectors etc. Deff not the cheapest option

What’s your comfort level with a soldering iron? Kidding!

Get a USB to Dallas 1-wire bridge, they’re about $20 for the genuine unit from Maxim. Counterfeit nock-offs are much less.

You can now connect dozens of 1-wire temperature sensors (and other gizmos) to this, and it is supported by lmsensors.

Edit: for more complexity you could get a USB to I²C bridge, and hook up a wider range of sensors.

Edit 2: Welcome to the forums!

OK awesome! Talking about 1-wire bridges and I2C has definitely given me enough keywords to google around and work out what my options are, and I can see what is required now.


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