Are the stock fans enough for the Define r5?

I will be making building a gaming computer pretty soon, and I wanted to use the define r5 as my case. I was wondering whether I will have to buy new, better quality fans, or if the ones included will provide enough cooling. The case comes with 2 Fractal Design Dynamic GP14's.

Fan specs link:

The fans are fine. No need to swap them out. In my R4 I did buy another 140mm fan to put in the front, so I have 2 in front and 1 rear exhaust. What type of cooling solution are you using for your CPU?

Same as Alamar, I bought an extra one for the front to create positive air pressure. Airflow is fine for me (using x99 with Noctua DH-15)

I will be getting a be quiet! pure rock.

Nice. Yeah, I'd recommend picking up 1 more of those case fans and putting it in front along with the included one so that you'd have a positive air pressure setup like @PoshGeordie noted. This will help keep dust out of the nooks and crannies that dont receive much airflow. Otherwise, you should be golden :)