Are sli and crossfire worth it

Do you really need the power of 2 or 3 very powerful gpu's like titans. Isn't it better to just run a Titan and something like 290x as you can play games that support mantle and PhsX. What are you thoughts

2 high end GPU's can be useful at resolutions over 1080p, but can present some extra challenges as well. I think the best application of multiple GPU's is in the upper-midrange of graphics cards. For example, I used to run 2 HD 6870's and in most games my performance was quite a bit higher than a 6970 (the top of the line card at the time). These can be great bang for your buck combinations, but it comes at the cost of MANY incompatibilities and driver issues. For most games it seems like I had to disable crossfire until they had been released for a few weeks. I also had micro-stutter issues which made my framerates feel a lot lower. My advice would be to just use a single card if you can, but if you need to max everything out at 1600p then crossfire or sli might be your only option.