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Are RAM prices on the rise?


So, I’m planning to build a Ryzen 3700x system. I postponed my build from last year due to the high price of RAM. I need 2 16Gb DIMMs. I have been watching PCPARTSPICKER and several G.Skill kits in the $150ish price. Being that I may not be able to get my 3700 for another 60 days or so, Do you guys think ram will continue going down? Or will the new 25% tariffs cause a spike in prices?

Any money I can save on RAM I can put towards a nicer Motherboard or Video card.





I would guess it will trend up with people going to Zen2 and China Tariffs increase

By how much I have no idea, nor do we know what type of memory Zen2 will like or if it will still need samsung bdie for top performance, where the line will be best to stop etc.



There are apparently some new G.Skill Trident Neo DIMMs that are being made specifically for X570, so it may be worth waiting for the July 7th Launch


#4]( tracks prices, you can look at it and see if prices on your chosen ram are rising, falling or just level . you could buy the ram now, and hte rest later.

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Is RAM hit by tariffs? I didn’t think they were.



fyi ram speed may not matter at all for zen2(which already doesnt matter nearly as much as people like to say for zen anyways)

given it only works for overly sensitive/latency sensitive applications, as in half of games even it does basically nothing going from 2133>3200 like 2% but thats the same if you had a 7700k or whatever, very slightly measurably faster, if you compare rendering, compiling etc it does nothing for most real world workloads as they are better at scheduling threads then the specifically picky games,

now that zen2 has a separate die for memory(has entirely different memory subsystems probably) the memory speed may not be tied to the infinity fabric anymore, but even if it still is, if the benches werent lying(still have to wait and see for other titles) it will probably be more consistent performance then ryzen/ryzen+ given more conisistent latency

probably half the benefit even when it did anything before in a good scenario



No… no… it will matter as the infinity fabric speed is still attached to the SDR speed of the RAM in question. There are performance differences between speeds, some more than others.

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assuming its still tied to the memory speed

but obviously they have changed the rest of the memory subsystem, caching/probably better bandwith/lower latency in general, meaning it will still result in a lesser gain regardless

i mean we were already talking like 50% gain in clock speed to get like 2~5% gain in real world workloads average which is pretty significantly in the diminishing returns category



No assuming, it is.






Numerous videos from Computex.



yes this is the same thing as a white paper

also benchmarks, as there is alot of other factors such as cache/cache subsystem, the infinity fabric bandwidth how many links, whether it was actually the latency or the more spurious latency(in that at random it could have been close memory or far memory)

would be safe to assume it is better than before, higher bandwidth, larger caches etc, besides before it was significantly exaggerated anyways what the benefit was, ex: when you compare results vs stock, anything below 5% gain is worthless, anything 5-10% is almost negligible (given a real world 2~6%ish gain even with intel if you significantly increase memory speed, like say 2133>3200) as if you only gain say 10% thats gonna be like 3~5% gain over what you would get with an intel system with the same increase, so not so great, not noticeable at all, if you start talking 15%+ gain where you might get a cool 10%, that might be perceiveable atleast

if the games you play happen to be one of those games that actually benefit(from the videos i saw of typical bench games, seemed maybe half gained above 5% most of the ones that did werent above 10% gain either) to get maybe 15-25% of games to be just perceivably better say 60>66fps maybe a cool 69 in that exceptional case. probably wouldnt recommend nearly as strongly you must overpay for your ram, and probably impact system stability/have to mess with bunch of bios updates and shit



None of those sources are out, but don’t believe me, I really don’t care at this point.



I have had great luck with Corais LPX DDR4 3000MHz kits. Built probably 4 ryzen systems so far. It’s also $80 right now.
If you are in the USA.

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I’d agree with @Theonewhoisdrunk The Vengeance LPX 3000 stuff is the way to go.



Thanks! I need 32GB and I see they have Vengeance LPX 2x16 (3000) for $139. I’m guessing your approval applies to the 32gb kits as well.




Never used the 16gb sticks myself. I have 8x8gb in my threadripper system and I’m running at 2930ish on all 8 sticks. If 32 is all you need and you have 4 dimm slots on your MB then I’d go for the 4 sticks of 8Ggb.



I do a lot of gigabyte size Photoshop stuff, so 2x16 now, and maybe upgrade another 32 or 64G down the road.



Well, just based on the brand, good compatibility and stability of the Corsair Vengeance LPX that I’ve used in 3 machines, I have nothing but good things to say about them. I think you’ll be happy with the performance. I’d buy them now if they’re in your price range. Cheers.



They are in my price range. Since the 3700 wont be released for a month, then I’m guessing it may take another month before they are easily available? I may monitor the price of the ram, they may still be going down in price.