Are Nvidia's drivers so shit that I should go to AMD next time round?

Hey all,

So over the last few days I've been getting into gaming a little bit more and I've had this error with the current driver i'm using for my 780Ti. These have been happening whilst playing BF3 and maybe a couple in other places. The thing is, is that I've payed the premium for this very high end card, and i'm using the latest official (not beta) drivers, so I should in theory be treated royally in the graphics department for being a valuable customer and buying Nvidia's high end stuff, but this obviously isn't the case.


My next upgrade will be to 4K next year with either 2 of AMD or Nvidia's cards. Should I go to AMD because of these driver inconsistencies?


I really bloody hate these problems that I keep running into with my graphics card and I definitely do not want to see them again when I next upgrade, or at least no where near as much.


All input is appreciated :)

The problems with AMD and Nividia are vast.  AMD drivers are actually worse than NVidia for the most part.  The problem you're having can be happening with any configuration.  Remember these guys make drivers for their test systems, sometimes it can be the RAM, CPU, MOBO, Drives and a number of things that can cause the issue.  

I'm having issues with the current Nvidia drivers where it loses sync and i have to restart the PC.  2 drivers before the issue was non existent, and as well as i converted from the FX-8350 to an i7-4790k and that can be an issue, I hear a lot of issues with sync on intel side because Haswell switched their voltage control and a lot of the NB on chip.  

This is just one scenario, AMD has its fair set of issues...temp fluctuation, multi-monitor syncing issues, frame times, multi card degradation.  So you'll be bound to find an issue here and there with all cards.  I know it's bad considering the premium price, but in reality nothing will work perfect, you may have been unlucky and got a bad chip (I HIGHLY DOUBT IT), or even driver corruption (happens a lot).  Try the new beta drivers, you may get better consistency with the card.

I generally use 1 monitor and 1 amd gpu, never had any problems with amd drivers. but nvidia, oh god kill me now type problems.

It's the same deal with video cards as with hard drives WD vs Seagate that fail for some but work for others. I've had nvidia early on and had no problems, had some artifacting hd 3850 and a great hd 4870 (even though in some games a 8800gt was doing better than it). For some guys that stream, ATi will only cause them trouble. For anyone else, it doesn't matter really, you just go for the best price performance ratio card you can afford, and it's usually AMD to a certain point. The reason why nvidia and intel works for most people is that they kill competition and pay devs to optimize games for their products, which is fine when both parties do it and there's decent performance on both, but it sucks to be left out (they did this in the early 2000s, the first game I remember having the way it's meant to be played logo was UT2k4). For a newb, nvidia has more appeal because it automatically checks settings for some games, has a fancy and easier to read driver interface and stuff like shadowplay that works out of the box (a la Apple marketing)

You didn't even state your problem with the drivers. You can always roll back to a previous stable driver, and there's forums out there specifically for this.

I don't understand why everyone keeps telling that AMD drivers are bad. Do they just repeat what they hear (self propagating rumour)? I have gone all the way from a 4870 ->7870 -> R9 290 and never experienced driver problems (except with beta drivers). My GTX 660m (laptop) works perfectly as well. Maybe there was a time when AMD drivers were bad but that is certainly not the case anymore

When I get to replace my 470s, I'll look into the AMD GPUs to see this driver issue. But as far as I experienced, the Nvidia driver is average. Did ran into a few problems just because of that sound-thru-HDMI thing, as one of them.



isn't this part of being a gamer?

not only are you willing to put up with a lot of nonsense, as a gamer, but are even prepared to pay a premium for the privilege... all companies, graphics card or others, know that gamers are there to be abused because as much as they complain they will always pay up.

it comes with the territory, no?


Perhaps I'm reading this incorrectly, but this just seems to be a problem with BF3. Though a driver problem could most certainly could cause issues, because it seems to be program specific-I would look at the program rather than the drivers.

Part of being a PC gamer yeah, and I do know that there are a lot more problems on this side of the fence but it's usually worth it because of the resolution and fps, but this is just money stealing, and lying.

Dammit! Yeah I tried the beta drivers, but then when I played watch dogs, it literally lasted 2, count 'em 2 seconds before crashing due to driver related issues. I am aware that almost everything is released in Beta/Alpha these days, I mean the 700 series (and probably others) just did not work the way they were payed to for about 3 months, then the actual drivers that actually worked started coming out, it's fucking ridiculous all this robbing and lying, I wish I could download video cards so that I could keep my where it should be haha.

Already have rolled back haha, and there isn't much else to say, it just exits the game and comes up with a window that says that the driver has crashed.

Watch dogs ans GTA IV do it, i know those are shit games (optimization wise) but i thought they'd at least work. I shit you not I've played around 10,00 hours (I had an interesting life style as a kid) of GTA IV on the xbox 360 and have had less problems on it (stability wise) in the past 6 years than on my pc over the past year!

I've had no noticeable driver problems using HD 5770 and HD 7850 since 2010.

My next upgrade will be to 4K next year with either 2 of AMD or Nvidia's cards. Should I go to AMD because of these driver inconsistencies?

Using SLI/Crossfire or dual-chip cards is just asking for problems. Just don't do it.

I would if Icould but if I do go to 4K for gaming next year then i'll have to get 2 cards :/

There's no need for 2160p resolution for gaming. Games do just fine on lower pixel densities. Framerate is way more important.

2160p is more about screen real estate for work and better pixel density for font rendering.

Well they'll look better.. And they will be primarily bought for consuming regardless.

 What issues are you Really having with the card? the stuff you are describing is a bit vague.

For me it's always been AMD/ATI drivers. My two 550 TI's have never given me any issues regarding drivers. Then again I use Linux pretty heavy and it's my understanding AMD/ATI don't play too nice with Linux at times.

On the Contrary, Nvidia Showing "Hate for Linux" has been Well Documented. so I don't know what you are talking about sir. The good amount of Preference on the Linux Side to my understanding and Reading has ALWAYS been AMD.

I have always used AMD and I have never had an issue with stable drivers. I have caused issues using beta drivers but those come with warnings stating such. The only issues I have with AMD is nvidia made games and their insistence on using Physx and other proprietary bullshit.

On the other hand my friends have nvidia and there is always something funky, only ever downright broken twice that I can remember but frequently funky. 

And while I have people tell me every day that nvidia is the way to go for Linux I know all to well from personal experience that nvidia on Linux is not a fun place to be. Nightmare fuel.