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Are memtest86+ 5.01 results valid for Ryzen 3000?

Test Bench/Build:

  • CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
  • MB: MSI X470 Gaming Plus (Bios: 7B79vAD / 7B79vAE1)
  • GPU: GTX 650 Ti Boost (only for a video out, I do not have TITAN GPUs for that like some people)
  • RAM: 16GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4 3200 Cl 16 G. Skill Ripjaws V (Hynex C-die)
  • PSU: Seasonic 520W
  • Cooler: Hyper 212 LED

Test Results:

  1. When I use memtest86+ 5.01 it fails on test 7 when using dual channel ram (single channel is fine) within 2 passes
  2. When I disable 2 cores it passes 12+ passes no problem
  3. When I disable SMT it locks up in under 3 minutes on test 7 at the 50% mark every time

I have reproduced this with 2 ram kits, the other was borrowed from a dell, it was generic Hynex A die 2133 8GB 2x4GB

Thus far I have not been able to reproduce this using memtest86 8.2 Free edition

Memtests on Ryzen 3000 stresses the CPU rather unevenly.
The cores and PCIe part of the I/O die are idle, while the memory controller is on fire.

My guess is that it fails when cores switch from idle to operation.

I wouldn’t be surprised if memtest86+ was no longer a valid testing option. It’s ancient at this point, doesn’t appear to be maintained.

Here are the errors in memtest86+:

the other night i was able to get a single error in memtest using windows (but do i trust running memtest in window, hope)

I did tried the built in windows ram test, and it looked to as if it quit making progress, it sat on the same % for over 30 minutes

while using memtest86 8.2 free edition, i have run 2 passes on 2 occasions and 3 last night, none of these have detected a single error
At this point i am very confused, I was hoping somebody could confirm if memtest86+ is valid by running it on a known good system

With the latest BIOS updates (AE and AF) i no longer get errors in memtest86+