Are Logan and Wendell "Top Gear(UK)" fans?

I'm just curious, I know that TV is not a big thing for either of them, but I find "Top Gear" (the British one) to be really entertaining, despite my general dislike to most television. Also usually, when I watch "Top Gear", I wish there was a similarly styled tech show. There was also a moment in one of the videos that Logan made a comment that made me think maybe he had seen it, but it was probably my imagination.

I find top gear the show quite entertaining. I despise, however, how people seem to think they are a reliable source of information. Top gear is a show that has entertainment value and nothing more. I just wish there was a hint of objectivity in their car reviews.

Especially the p45, really entertaining, lol

Have you seen the Star Citizen spoof of Top Gear (Galactic Gear)?  That's more computer related.. lol

hehe, that's awesome...

Top Gear is my 5yr old sons favorite show and probably mine as well. Its just good fun.

I love any car show that will take things to a new level of silly and adventure. I love Top Gear UK and the U.S. one but I only watch it just because Tanner Foust is in it.