Are DELL monitors Good?

i recently bought a DELL P2210t for $15 in incredible good condition, its a 22' monitor with a resolution of 1680 x 1050. i did a good invest or i just waste my money?

On one hand you have wasted your money because you don't know why you need this monitor.

On the other hand if you find a purpose and it fits it - yes it is a good buy.

For $15 that is a great monitor.  Dell makes some good monitors

as a generalization dell makes some of the best monitors on the market, as far as consumer grade goes i'd say the best, though i can't speak on that particular monitor other than you got it for a damn good price

i fits for my purpose, i got it form a company that went bankrupt, (in Aguascalientes, Mexico) local government made a sale of the belongings of the company, i also buy 3 computers with Intel Core i5 ivy bridge for $ 40 each. probably i will buy another monitor tomorrow.

With prices like that, I would buy everything that they were selling. If nothing else, resell it online for a profit. That, or find a use for it. There is always a reason to have another computer lying around the house.